The virtual reality program for schools Google now has new mobile applications to access, learn about and experience in the classroom how the Great Barrier Reef of Australia to tour Buckingham Palace in London.

The company technology Google It has expanded its educational program virtual reality Expeditions with two new mobile applications: the Great Barrier Reef of Australia and Buckingham Palace in London, for teachers and students to access and enjoy an experience and immersive learning without leaving the classroom.

These new applications are added to and hundred 'virtual expeditions' that has developed since the company last year announced the launch of this educational program and began to distribute in schools the necessary technological material.

Specifically, the company delivers to schools their Cardboard, smart phones, tablet for the teacher (acting as a guide) and router to connect all devices for students to see, meet and learn 360 from habitat Galapagos island (Ecuador) to explore the reefs and coral background Australian, declared World Heritage Site by Unesco.

According to the company disclosed to Business Wire, "more than 500,000 students worldwide have made a journey of virtual reality Expeditions" and new applications respond to requests made by students and teachers.

The program for the new application of the Great Barrier Reef of Australia has had in its development with the design and production of expert British naturalist David Attenborough, who has said in a statement made through Google that "it is a wonder of the natural world I have had the great privilege of visiting twice and that all children should know ".

As for the tour of London's Buckingham Palace, its development has had the collaboration of the Fund of the British Royal Collection, which also has a video on YouTube 360 ​​smartphones to 'get' virtually in its halls and rooms.

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By • 22 Jan, 2016
• Section: Training, Augmented reality

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