Waves SoundGrid technology-based, this mixer software significantly improves the work of FOH, monitors and broadcast engineers offering maximum compatibility and integration with other systems, interfaces, cards, etc.

LV1 eMotion is the new mixer professional of Waves (whose products marketed in Spain Neotecnica) that offers a high quality sound as well as a fast and comfortable, need workflow in demanding live environments.

This mixer uses SoundGrid audio network infrastructure, so that the can be connected to any hardware or compatible server, facilitating the work of engineers of FOH, broadcast, etc. to scroll with your mixer anywhere and work without problems where either at your home, hotel, tour bus... The advantage of this is that they have more time to work on their sessions (even offline) and make sure that they are fully prepared for your event.

In this sense, a system eMotion LV1 consists of a computer host (PC or Mac) for mixer control, server SoundGrid to process all plugins and one of the devices compatible with SoundGrid I/O hardware. All this together with a switch 1 GB Ethernet to connect all the computers.

Integration without limits

The wide variety of available SoundGrid interfaces offer great versatility, integration, and scalability of the LV1 mixer with existing systems, such as analogue interfaces DigiGrid IOX, IOC and IOS (with or without integrated server); DigiLink Digigrid DLI and DLS interfaces for integration with Protools HD/HDX and AVID Venue (with or without integrated server) systems and interfaces Madi-SoundGrid DigiGrid MGB/MGO.

This integration, there are also cards SoundGrid Mini-YGDAI for Yamaha; DMI SoundGrid for Digico and SoundGrid for Allen-Heath.

Intuitive workflow

Professionals can control eMotion LV1 using multitouch screens and various portable devices, up to a total of four screens or by a single laptop or tablet. Regardless of which device is being used, the mixer has the same workflow, with an intuitive user interface integrated to ensure maximum speed and flexibility of operation.

eMotion LV1 provides a great control over every aspect of the sound in alive. Each of its channels has its own rack, able to run up to eight plugins Waves or of third parties, so that it is possible to mix live hundreds of plugins, all running inside of own mixer.

In the same way, all the stored presets can share with Waves MultiRack and StudioRack, allowing you to move seamlessly between environments live and study. Each channel strip of the mixer (EQ, filters and dynamic process) provides it the Waves plugins eMo: eMo D5 Dynamics, F2 Filter eMo and eMo Q4 Equalizer, all included in eMotion LV1, that occurs in configurations of 16, 32, or 64 channels.

Waves eMotion LV1 al detalle

  • 64/32 or 16 channels of stereo / mono input.
  • Hasta 36 buses: 16 aux, 8 grupos, 8 matrices, L/C/R/Mono.
  • Management of up to eight plugins SoundGrid per channel.
  • Channel process through eMo Waves plugins.
  • Up to 16 DCAs, 8 mute groups and 8 user assignable keys.
  • Engine 32 bit floating point mix. Sampling frequency up to 96 kHz.
  • Compatible with standard control surfaces.
  • SoundGrid connection devices from 2 to 128 channels.
  • Compatible Windows / Mac 64 bit.

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By • 25 Jan, 2016
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