Known Wharf and tourist attraction in the city of Santa Monica installed 12 units of the pair Led multi-chip outdoor Elation SixPar 300IP to illuminate the architectural design of 11 meters used in The Twilight Concert Series.

Santa Monica Pier was opened in 1909 and since then has become a reference point of the city, in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles. Numerous are also the appearances of this pier and its amusement park Pacific Park in television series, music videos, and movies such as "Titanic", "Forrest Gump" or "Iron Man".

All them summers the Jetty of Santa Monica is the enclosure chosen for the realization of a series of concerts to outdoor that is developed under the name of The Twilight Concert Series. In the last edition, the Santa Monica Pier was a spectacular illuminated architectural structure with Elation SixPar 300IP, whose brand distributed in Spain Visualsvisuals.

This structure was designed by the company Stereo-botwhich among other projects has also created different scenarios and structures for the Coachella music festival. The lighting design for this installation has been the work of event production company Pacific Coast Entertainment.

The spectacular architectural design of this facility, which reached a height of 11 meters and was located behind the scenes of the concerts consisted of different sections of truss wrapped in translucent and fabrics Interior illuminated by 12 units SixPar 300IP Elation Professional.

Tim Hemrich, Pacific Coast Entertainment, has been responsible for the lighting installation of this structure, which was exposed at the Santa Monica Pier for 12 weeks this summer. "We have used 12 SixPar, installed units within different sections of truss of this structure. We needed a device with IP65 construction and SixPar 300IP has proven to be very bright and resistant."

SixPar 300IP of Elation Professional is a pair Led multi-chip featuring 18 6 Led 1 (RGB + white + amber + UV) of 12 Watts of power each, for a total of 216 Watts, with construction IP65, resistant to all weather conditions, a beam of 15 ° and has 5 different luminosity attenuation curves.

Henrich had already used numerous units of the SixPar 300IP previously in its design and installation of outdoor lighting of hotel Irvine in Los Angeles. "Initially a number of units of the SixPar 300IP settled outside of Irvine hotel to celebrate its opening and the idea was to use them for 30 days. "This lighting outside liked to them responsible of the hotel and to day of today are already nine months the time that them Elation SixPar 300IP lead being used to illuminate the facades of the hotel".

The installation in the structure of the Santa Monica Pier had a technical design that has allowed the lighting of the structure by means of pre-programmed by a player memories DMX Elation Professional sequences, and also through tables lighting control for each of the groups acting on stage at the pier during the the Twilight Concert Series festival.

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By • 27 Jan, 2016
• Section: Cases of study, Control, Lighting

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