NovoPro is a wireless solution that fosters interaction and participation of up to 64 users in a collaborative environment, either a classroom or corporate meeting Center. Participants can connect from your device via WiFi and share information.

NovoPRO is a solution for collaboration, developed by Vivitek, that enables the connectivity wireless instant to a projector and the compatibility with devices of up to 64 participating simultaneous. A tool ideal for them centers educational that facilitates the connection between the Professor and the students around a presentation, and can interact and share content visual. It is also suitable for business collaboration applications.

This wireless collaboration of Vivitek tool provides a comprehensive set of features to share and participate the visual content of any participant in the meeting wirelessly in your home screen.

The platform is designed to ensure a top quality wireless experience, but with a ratio that makes it affordable for any meeting room, room for meetings or classroom.

Using NovoPRO as the core of the collaboration system, get digital content to be displayed in the projection screen is quick and easy, as well as having additional features that open up a wide range of creative possibilities at any meeting. Participants can instantly connect from your device through a WiFi connection and share the information, once the speaker/moderator of the meeting assigned one of the connections.

With a powerful processor of four nuclei, NovoPRO is a hub wireless that admits the connection of multiple devices (to 64 in the mode client) in any time, while four can be interacting with the projection of the screen, which is shows divided. This allows to the users share content with the group in the display main through their capabilities of mirroring.

Its compatibility of the platform you ensures the support with any type of devices WiFi enabled, including iPads, iPhones and their equivalent for Android, together Chromebooks, portable and all type of PC's desktop.

NovoPRO is connected to the screen via HDMI, and supports content HD 1080 p at 60 fps. It is compatible with the 4 K UHD video playback at 30 fps using only the microSD slot.

Integrated Wi-Fi and Ethernet ports allow the support of double standard, so that network connection infrastructure wired and wireless can be performed simultaneously. For wireless content sharing, data security is guaranteed through NovoPRO data encryption.

With the solution optional Launcher is possible share the screen when this device USB, that has the software preloaded NovoPRO, is connected. This device consists of a bracket with four devices, each of which has four buttons of placement that match the four quadrants in which the screen is divided. The Launcher software works with PC and Mac, so it is truly plug-and-play.


  • Connection to 64 users and 4 can make presentations simultaneously.
  • WiFi Hotspot (maximum 8 participants) mode.
  • Cross-platform compatibility.
  • Streaming video WiFi 1080 p at 60 fps.
  • Access to storage in the cloud (client mode).
  • Encryption of data in Corporate mode.
  • Launcher USB hub for live participation without software installation.
  • Touchscreen support.
  • remote management.

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By • 27 Jan, 2016
• Section: Control, Display, Distribution signals, Training, Projection

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