The provisions of this panel, composed of executives of media, are positive for this year, mainly in the mobile environment, with growth estimated at 14%, followed closely by advertising digital signage.

Ad spending will grow 5.4% this year if the forecasts are fulfilled panel Zenith Watch, Composed of executives of media, whose second wave sheds very positive data for advertising investment in digital signage in 2016 with an estimated growth of 12.2%, ranking as the second half in prospect, only behind investment mobile, with 14%.

As Eduardo Madinaveitia, CEO technician Zenithmedia says "the best forecasts relate to the investment in mobile, which could grow by 14%, although a significant growth of 12% for the debutante PED is also expected - digital signage" that could grow 12.2%. "

These forecasts market digital signage, made during the month of January compared with forecasts of November 2015, correspond more to the growth of investment in advertising to new installations or circuits with commercial exploitation, as pointed out by some panelists.

Doubts about the composition of the next government of Spain, the convulsions of the international economy (slowing of the Chinese economy, Russian and Brazilian and plummeting oil prices), which have led to sharp falls in stock markets around the world, as the situation in Catalonia (that 69% of the panelists believed to have a large impact or medium on the advertising investment) they have provoked a strong level of uncertainty in the advertising market that receives the year with a somewhat less optimistic than that he lived in the last months of 2015.

That loss of optimism not so much affect the investment forecasts, which are held in similar numbers and even better three tenths, as indices of perception, experiencing sharp falls, although they remain at high levels.

IPSE (Perceptions Index of Economic Situation) falls almost 26 points and stands at 51.2, still good value if you get curb the negative trend, which remains well above the low values ​​that moved during the long period between 2008 and 2013.

The IPMP (Perceptions Index Advertising Market) also falls more than 25 points, a value that is still close to the best placing remains fourth in 49.4. Although both indices remain very similar values, the fact that the IPMP is below is usually interpreted as a negative sign, according to Zenith Vigia panel.

In this second wave it has been included for the first time a forecast dynamic outdoor advertising (PED), better known as digital signage "as a particular part, but separate outdoor advertising.

Moreover, Internet video continues to be one of the elements clearer growth right now, with an estimated 61.7 million investment, representing a growth of more than 6% over the figure expected for last year. Investment in social networks this year will reach 55.2 million euros, slightly more than 8% above the closing estimated as 2015.

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By • 27 Jan, 2016
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Studies, Business, Dynamic advertising

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