The first shows of this bet by take the technology to the sector Hotel could verse in the last edition of Fitur under the name TravelinMotion. Developed by ITH and Emotion Experience, counting with the collaboration of HP, dipped to them guests in an experience multisensorial.

HP Inc. Spain and the Instituto Tecnológico (hotel)ITH) have signed an agreement to help the Spanish hotels to improve customer service through technology.

This agreement was signed by Helena Herrero, President and CEO of HP Inc. Iberia, and Juan Molas, President of ITH and CEHAT, in the framework of the celebration of Hub, Forum on technology and innovation for tourism that organizes each year ITH next to Fitur, held in Ifema between the 20 and the 22 of January of 2016.

"Today more than ever, technology plays a fundamental role in improving the competitiveness of the hotels. It sector is obtaining figures records for overnight stays, expenditure tourist, etc., but must follow betting by it innovation for keep is, follow growing and consolidate is as the main engine of the economy Spanish. "The agreement subscribed with HP Inc. reflects our bet by foster that them establishments incorporate the technology as an of them main key in its strategy of business", says Juan Molas.

Both hotels and guests needs are changing, being the key technology to meet those demands, since it has become part of the everyday lives of customers who expect everything to be connected.

HP e ITH have decided associate is for help to them hotels to improve the experience of them guests, both during your stay, as before and after the same, offering new services custom of value added, as the to choose the decoration of your room. In addition, both institutions help settlements to identify savings opportunities and ways to monetize its technology systems.

On the other hand, initiating projects that will develop solutions based on HP technologies that they enable the productive, environmental and economic improvement of the hospitality industry.

Among the initiatives which they intend to put in place are related to devices and accessories from mobility for professionals of the sector, integrated application-specific hotel; systems of personalization in the hotel decoration using the new HP Latex printing technology and a program of creating designs HP Wallart.

Also can start devices for the hotel management service such as compact/all-InOne of low consumption, multifunctional printers integrated with hotel document processes and printing/scanning for guest systems. As well as new auditory experiences with highest quality thanks to the Premium audio sound of Bang & Oluffsen integrated in the new computers HP.


The first sign of these projects has materialised as part of the new hotel concept TravelinMotion, where guests have been able to perceive a multi-sensory experience in specific environments for hotels.

A space developed by ITH and Emotion Experience that it was created by hub 2016. Next to other companies, HP has collaborated in this project contributing its system of printing in large format, as well as a novel technology susceptible of be used in establishments tourist e printing in 3D.

In the last edition, the entire surface dedicated to hub, 200 square meters, became a space immersive which joined at the same time of the conceptualisation of space technology. The goal was to create an environment that the user could live with all five senses, show a vision of experience phygital through the construction of the hotel of the future.

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By • 29 Jan, 2016
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