The SL DI 4XLR is an interface Dante developed for use with Sennheiser SpeechLine receiver that can feed and also allows a network Dante from the four analog MIC/LINE inputs.

Sennheiser SL DI 4 XLRMagnetron has announced the converter of audio analogue digital SL DI 4XLR of Sennheiser. An interface Dante which has four balanced MIC/Line inputs and filter HF, which are designed as XLR 3F socket.

For each input it is possible to activate gain settings, through software, 0dB, + 15dB, + 30dB and + 45dB a 10dB pad as well as a 48V Phantom power. The Leds of State located in the panel front of the unit indicate them settings of gain and pad corresponding as well as the level of the energy Phantom for each an of them four tickets.

The unit incorporates two RJ-45 network jacks that allow the mounting of wired in series Dante (Dante Daisy Chain). The internal a/d conversion is done with 24-bit resolution and 48 kHz sampling rate. The transmission speed is 100 MB/sec.

Sennheiser SL DI 4 XLRThe unit transmission range is between 20 Hz and 20. 000Hz. The input impedance is > 1.8 k ohm for any gain setting. The equivalent noise is dBu - 113. Maximum input levels (without 10dB pad) are + 8 dBu with gain of 0 dB, - 7 dBu with a gain of + 15 dB, - 22 dBu with a gain of + 30 dB and - 36 dBu with a gain of + 45dB. With connected pad, maximum input levels increased in 10dB.

The harmonic distortion of the system more noise is < 0.02% with any adjustment of gain (3dB below the maximum input signal).

The unit can receive power via Ethernet CAT5 cable, through a 802.3-compliant PoE network switch af or through an external 12V DC power source.

The connection loop up to two units, and in case of power supply via an external 12 V DC, up to three units power supply is possible in case of power via PoE. Energy consumption is 2.7 (225 mA) W at + 12 V DC Phantom power and 5.5 w (460mA) DC + 12 V and a current of 10 mA per input connected phantom-powered.

The unit has a robust metal housing with integrated mounting angles. The housing dimensions are 219 x 38 x 120 mm (W x H x D) and weighs 0.77 kg. The operating temperature is between 0 and 40

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By • 1 Mar, 2016
• Section: Audio, Distribution signals

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