Digital communication has taken a new twist in a major shopping center in California with the installation of a large video screen curve Led, surrounding an elevator in the center of campus, designed, manufactured and installed by Daktronics.

Daktronics NewPark

Located in the main space of the NewPark Mall, in the Californian town of Newark, the display Led of 5 × 3 meters of Daktronics it surrounds the elevator of the enclosure "to create a striking visual piece that attracts the attention of visitors - underline their responsible- and offers a unique opportunity for the marketing of all products of 150 present stores".

With a 6 mm pixel pich, this screen provides sharp images from any angle around the elevator, also used as ambient lighting to create an attractive visual experience while purchases are made or resting in the main hall of the center.

Daktronics has been responsible for design, manufacture and installation, becoming "the first curved screen that covers over eighty square meters; an engineering design that had never been done before and is part of a larger visual transformation for this mall, "note from the US multinational.

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By • 2 Mar, 2016
• Section: Cases of study, Digital signage, Display, Dynamic advertising

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