Kim Komando television show, broadcast for the entire United States from Phoenix, has renewed the lighting of your recording studio with a hundred units of different devices Elation Professional.

Elation Kim Komando show visualsvisuals

More than five hundred radio stations in the US and also via streaming Internet broadcast on weekends from Phoenix TV studios Kim Komando show known where the program is recorded and just renewed. A key element in the new design has been the lighting system, defined and installed by specialist Innovative Show Design (ISD) and based entirely on LED technology devices Elation Professional, whose products sold in the market Spanish visualsvisuals.

Justin Garrone, head of lighting design ISD, explains that "we have taken into account the television aspect of the show and only use LED projectors in this project, with the advantages that this brings about air conditioning costs and maintenance".

Elation Kim Komando show visualsvisuals

Con ocho cámaras de televisión de alta definición en el estudio, ha sido prioritario que todos los aparatos de iluminación instalados tuvieran un Índice de Reproducción Cromática (CRI) lo más alto posible. “El CRI de cada proyector ha sido importante -puntualiza Garrone-. No quería tener que corregir tonalidades en los proyectores Led, y el equipamiento de Elation Professional ha superado mis expectativas en cuanto a calidad lumínica, con todos los aparatos utilizados en esta instalación proporcionando valores CRI superiores a 85”.

Las diferentes zonas del estudio cuentan ahora con catorce proyectores de Elation Professional, como el recorte Led Colour 5 Profile, así como aparatos fresnel con temperatura de color variable DW Fresnel; Elar Q1 y los Led multichip SixPar 200 y SixBar 1000.

El diseño multichip de la fuente lumínica Led de Colour 5 Profile (RGB + ámbar + menta) mejora la reproducción de tonalidades blancas (con una temperatura de color variable de 3.200 a 6.500° Kelvin), además de incrementar el valor de su índice de reproducción cromática (CRI). “Proporciona una muy buena luz blanca y la inclusión del chip color menta me ayuda a conseguir tonalidades blancas en la temperatura de color apropiada”, subraya el responsable del diseño de iluminación de ISD.

Elation Kim Komando show visualsvisuals

Además, este sistema cuenta con una fuente lumínica Led RGBAM de 180 vatios y un valor CRI de 94; lentes intercambiables (de 19, 26, 36 y 50° de apertura); posibilidad de utilización de gobos tamaño B; cinco curvas de dimmer; efecto estrobo y control manual sobre enfoque y sobre cuchillas/framing shutters.

The television set has ten units distributed Led Color Bar Chorus to provide illumination color, while 32 units TVL 3000-II Dynamic White provide general lighting. The latter "are very complete and compact while -apunta Garrone-, very quiet and not having fans. The fact that each has a different lens kit is very practical. "

Elation TVL 3000-II DW has twelve LED Warm White 3 watt (color temperature 3200 ° Kelvin), and an equal number of LED Cool White 3 W (color temperature 5000 ° Kelvin), for a total of 72 watts. Also it has interchangeable lenses 10, 25, 40 and 60 ° opening.

Elation Kim Komando show visualsvisuals

This lighting design study by Justin Garrone and the company Innovative Show Design, has also had the collaboration of CYM Lighting Services, the company in charge of supplying the lighting equipment, which as Kevin Swank says, one of its leaders, "the range of Elation rivaling that of any other manufacturer, and none of the hundred appliances installed in the study has a problem".

In this line, Justin Garrone adds that "both the price and quality of products Elation provide lighting designers the resources to make a success of their projects and installations. Its extensive catalog of products has allowed me to choose and specify devices varied, with each fulfilling the exact role that I needed for this project. "

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By • 3 Mar, 2016
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