Them new modules that Navori has added to its software QL, Load Balancing, Failover and CDN, facilitate the distribution of content in networks of digital signage that integrate a large number of screens and media players.

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Navori Labs has built-in new modules to its engine QL to strengthen the management and delivery of content through large networks of signaling digital. Is is of them tools QL Load Balancing (QL balance of load), Failover and CDN, designed for networks out-of-home integrated by more than thousand players Android or Windows.

Navori in cc Recoleta Mall in Buenos AiresThe module CDN establishes a connection between QL Professional and the network cloud Azure from Microsoft. The nature open and the robust backbone of Azure and is a network of distribution of content suitable for video, graphics and data in large networks retail or of transit, where Navori QL Server distributes content directed to many places and screens.

"The integration with Azure provides a greater capacity to increase the number of users supported of form simultaneous and the scale for increase the force of it network and decrease the load of the server." "This integration, also, improves the availability of content of the server and redfuce the latency of the network and the loss of packages, what is in a better quality of service in all it infrastructure", says Jerome Moeri, CEO of Navori Labs.

Navori QL National Commercial BankQL Load Balancer and CDN modules can be deployed separately to manage the distribution of the workload among multiple servers. Suitable for use both in the facilities with QL Professional or in deployments cloud, QL Load Balancer accelerates them times of response through a distribution efficient of them resources of network, preventing that is exceed the capacity of the server.

Navori Labs offers QL Load Balancer in various configurations, including a reverse proxy that distributes traffic across several servers; a virtual shared drive, which optimizes storage; and a Microsoft SQL environment.

The failover module Navori Labs provides the dual benefit of allowing switching to alternate content flows case of system failure or maintenance.

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By • 3 Mar, 2016
• Section: Storage, Control, Digital signage, Display, Distribution signals, Infrastructure, Networks

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