The campus has installed a large number of screens of NEC and Samsung, and Panasonic projectors. The media player XD1030 and BrightSign XD1032 are responsible for providing content to this digital signage network and deliver video and IPTV services to classrooms and conference rooms.

BrightSign University ETH Zurich

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) is shown in the rankings as one of the most prestigious universities in the world. To it come more than 18,500 students, belonging to more than 110 countries, and enrolled the PhD near 4,000. Its staff is composed by about 500 professors dedicated to teaching and research in the branches of engineering, architecture, mathematics, natural sciences and social sciences. Also, in this Center teaching have studied, taught or performed work of research 21 of them winners of the prize Nobel.

In order to optimize your digital signage network, the University decided to replace existing Windows players and install 120 teams BrightSign XD. "with the new equipment we no longer have to do Windows updates and we have ended up with errors and pop-up windows. "The new structure gives much less problems that the previous", says Armin Brunner, Head of Multimedia Services of the ETH Zurich.

For this project have been used models XD1030 and XD1032, which have been supplied by the Swiss Media Solutions company, and are used to provide the information that is displayed on the screens scattered throughout the campus. It aims to guide visitors and optimize the presentations that take place in Conference rooms available to the educational institution.

BrightSign University ETH Zurich

The ETH Zurich is using 75 of these teams to push content to the digital signage network that is installed on the campus. Provide the contents to the projectors of Panasonic and the screens of 40, 55 and 65 inches of NEC and Samsung that are installed in the areas of reception and other areas common. The objective is to provide information to students, staff and visitors about class schedules, events that perform different promotional videos.

Others 20 media players is found located in the new restaurant of students and are used to inform of the food that is offers.

BrightSign University ETH Zurich

Video and IPTV services

Them 25 teams remaining have been installed to offer services of video and IPTV in the classrooms and them rooms of conferences. The deployed infrastructure allows you to transmit live meetings carried out a stay to another. This is done through the players and allows that the University can simple scale emissions. They are also used to reproduce video content during classes to support teaching.

Brightsign XD1030The University boasts 85 conference rooms and is planning to install a BrightSign player in every one of them.

Moreover, the University has launched an IPTV service consisting of 45 channels, which are preconfigured in touch panels in each room, and can be selected at any time.

For content management, the university is using BrightSign Network Enterprise Edition solution "because it allows us to store them on our own servers and are managed and controlled by the heads of each department," explains Armin Brunner.

University ETH Zurich

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By • 4 Mar, 2016
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