The insurer family protection has a new screen digital signage as part of the solution developed by Neo Advertising, installed in an atypical videowall located at its headquarters in the Plaza of Spain in Madrid.

Neo advertising Seguros santalucia

It specialist Neo Advertising, Responsible for the creation of content and project management of corporate digital signage Insurance santalucía, we have used a new design of content "which is a twist on the traditional videowall" note from this company.

Taking advantage of the special features of the LED screen and large format, has opted for the concept 1, 2, 3 ..., ie, three screens and three steps to communicate the services and products offered santalucía a different, fun and very visual.

This time, the arrangement of the windows of the headquarters of the insurer in Madrid's Plaza de Spain has been an opportunity to create an original digital communication strategy with this videowall, as this unique design allows the information to be presented and displayed following the traffic of people that pass in front of the screen.

Neo Advertising safe santalucíaInsurance Santalucía started this project with a first channel digital signage (more details in Digital AV Magazine) Now it goes to corporate communication. The second channel is aimed at advertising and services for this entity. To increase efficiency, both provide content branding, social networking activity and special projects.

The dynamic parts videwall combine text and images on the services offered santalucía. Three pieces deal retirement plans referring to creatives Three Bears (balanced polar, the strong brown and prudent panda), in addition to intersperse advertising branding, also in three pieces on values, contact and seasonal creativity.

Neo Advertising santalucia ChristmasNeo Advertising had developed projects for santalucía above, as the Christmas season of 2015, as reported in detail this daily. Under the claim 'your best wishes become messages' on screens participation of citizens in social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and the website of santalucía) was encouraged, whose messages were broadcast in the DOOH screens the company installed at its Madrid headquarters, doing also participate passersby who passed at that time through the Plaza of Spain.

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By • 4 Mar, 2016
• Section: Cases of study, Digital signage, Display, Distribution signals, Dynamic advertising

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