The scope of the contract includes the provision of maintenance of all audiovisual and communications equipment and technical assistance to all acts and events held.

Vitelsa in ReinaSofia Museum

El Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía dispone en su colección permanente de un importante núcleo de obras de grandes artistas españoles del siglo XX, especialmente de Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí y Joan Miró. Sus instalaciones abarcan cuatro edificios de gran representatividad (Sabatini, Nouvel, Palacio de Velázquez y Palacio de Cristal) ubicados en el centro histórico de Madrid, en los que se han configurado múltiples espacios expositivos y escénicos con capacidades que van desde algunas decenas hasta cientos de asistentes.

This is a great showmanship areas that are used for holding all kinds of events and cultural events and is also open by the Museum institutional and corporate world to perform acts of great singularity.

Vitelsa in ReinaSofia Museum

For maintenance of technological equipment of different enclosures and technical support of the events held in the same, the Technical Director of the Museum has recently launched a competition which has been awarded Vitelsa.
His proposal was selected as the most appropriate based on technical, economic and operational parameters, taking particularly relevant experience in providing such services in enclosures museum.

The scope of the contract includes the provision of preventive and corrective maintenance of all the audiovisual and communications equipment Museum, as well as technical assistance to all acts and events held in different auditoriums, halls, cloisters and halls the different buildings, and various outdoor spaces such as gardens or terraces and Plaza Nouvel.

Vitelsa in Reina Sofia Museum

Preventive Maintenance

Service preventive maintenance Vitelsa performed at the Museum includes performing regular aimed, on the one hand, to ensure proper adjustment and operation of all equipment technical operations and, secondly, to detect and prevent damage caused by the deterioration of consumables or misuse.

This service extends to a variety of audiovisual and communications systems, such as SD and HD cameras, sound equipment, high-quality conference, simultaneous translation, theater equipment, video communications infrastructures, networks and infrastructure wiring, etc.

Crystal Palace Vitelsa ReinaSofia

Corrective maintenance

On the other hand, Vitelsa also provide corrective maintenance services to respond to breakdowns, which may occur in the audiovisual and communications equipment.

Periodically, acoustic analysis of the different rooms will also be made to ensure optimal equalization of sound elements, including those rooms equipped with Dolby Surround broadcasting systems.

Vitelsa also provide technical support to all those events taking place both in the halls and buildings and open spaces of those who have them, managing the installation, configuration and operation of audiovisual equipment and communications.

Under the contract awarded, Vitelsa provide technology consulting services related to audiovisual equipment, networking and telecommunications. Advise and provide the technical department of the Museum a comprehensive view of the means required to perform different actions developed in their enclosures.

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By • 11 Mar, 2016
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