More than 500 units of different lighting devices of Elation Professional have formed the lighting system of the recent edition of the festival of electronic music Nocturnal Wonderland, which this year marked its 20th anniversary in the Californian City of San Bernardino.

Nocturnal Wonderland Elation Professional

Lighting company Visions Lighting It has been responsible for the mounting of lighting scenarios Queen completo Grounds and Sunken Garden, created on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the festival of electronic music Nocturnal Wonderland, organized by Insomniac Events, that was held at the San Manuel Amphiteater of the city of San Bernardino (California).

Lighting design has made it SJ Lighting, with renowned Designer Steve Lieberman as technical manager and systems of Elation Professionalmarketed in Spain by visualsvisuals.

"We have been working with the festival Nocturnal Wonderland over ten years - explains Todd Roberts, of Visions Lighting - and for its twentieth Edition Insomniac Events wanted a lighting spectacular and very dynamic for these two scenarios, besides that it rivalizase with the of the main stage, Labyrinth." I think we have done a great job of production and lighting design and the visual target has been achieved with far".

Nocturnal Wonderland Elation Professional

The stage Queen completo Grounds had a structure of truss of large behind the scenes, which have been installed different video Led, with a circular central display screens and eight rectangular splitting from the Centre towards the sides of the stage to give a feeling of Sun's rays.

To mark the perimeter of these screens Led have used 64 Led Elation Lumina Strip bars, featuring warm ten white Led 7 Watt (for a total of 70 watts of brightness) and individual control of each Led.

Also, and in an alternate configuration, have been installed 76 units of the strobe Led Protron 3K (with a luminosity of 80,000 lumens) and equal number of units of the bar Led Eled QW Strip (with eighteen RGBW Led of 5 watts, for a total power for 90 watts bar) and individual control over each Led from this manufacturer.

Nocturnal Wonderland Elation Professional

On the side of the stage closest to the public have been installed 42 units of Elation Colour Chorus 72, a Led bar RGBA in 180 cm length and with 288 Led 3 watt (for a total power of 864 Watts) and individual control over hue, saturation and intensity for each Led.

All the structure of truss of the stage Queen's Grounds has been bathed in varied colors during the festival thanks to 120 units of Elation Level Q7 (with seven Led RGBW of 15 watts, for a total of 105 Watts of power).

In addition, 46 moving heads type this manufacturer (with 350-Watt consumption lamp Philips Platinum 17RA and a brightness of 20,000 lumens) Beam Platinum BX provided dynamism and tracer effects to a stunning lighting design manager Steve Lieberman and Max Robin.

Nocturnal Wonderland Elation Professional

The Sunken Garden of the festival stage was mounted inside a big tent, with a screen installation Led 6 mm and large amount of Elation Professional lighting fixtures, to create an area featured within the Nocturnal Wonderland festival with a design by Brandon Dunning.

Among these latter were deployed 44 hybrid moving heads (Beam + Spot + Wash) Platinum SBX, with two distinct optical systems and lamp Platinum 17RA from Philips with various Visual effects, as well as 24 units of the mobile head Platinum Beam 5R Extreme used for tracer effects and 60 pair Led Elation Epar Tri providing general in the tent lighting.

Elation Professional equipment in this event:

Stage Queen's Grounds:

  • 46 Elation Platinum BX
  • 76 Elation Protron 3K Led Strobe
  • 120 Elation Level Q7
  • 42 Elation Colour Chorus 72
  • 76 Elation Eled QW Strip
  • 64 Elation Lumina Strip
  • 6 Elation E-Node 8 Pro

Sunken Garden Stage:

  • 44 Elation Platinum SBX
  • 24 Elation Platinum Beam 5R Extreme
  • 60 Elation Epar TRI

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By • 15 Mar, 2016
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