The new model of the E-Line series Philips offers a size of 27 "professional quality color, with 100% NTSC and 99% Adobe RGB, thanks to this innovative technology of nanomaterials and affordable for editors, producers and photographers.

MMD Philips E-Line Quantum Dot Color

The E-Line 27 "(276E6ADSS) screen Philips under license from MMD It is the first in the world so far with Quantum Dot Color, nanomaterials technology that produces an incredibly accurate color and saturated -a 30% more color than the traditional sRGB Led, according to the company- at a much cheaper price other systems employing color critical technologies and using 25% less energy.

Artem Khomenko, product manager of Philips monitors in MMD Europe, explains the differential of this technology, "with a typical LCD display, there is a leak between the RGB channels that compromises the quality with which it can cover the range of colors. This LCD Color Quantum Dot technology achieves more precise distinctions between the channels, showing a more consistent and vibrant colors across the entire range. "

MMD Philips E-Line Quantum Dot ColorTo take advantage of the excellent quality of color, this screen E-Line series features IPD-ADS technology for improved image clarity; Full HD resolution (1,920 × 1,080 pixels) and a viewing angle of 178 degrees.

Además incorpora las tecnologías Philips Smart, para complementar el rendimiento del color con una mejora del contraste y el brillo, como SmartImage Lite, que mejora dinámicamente el contraste, la saturación de color y la nitidez para adaptarse a lo que se visualiza en la pantalla; SmartControl Lite que facilita a los usuarios el ajuste de parámetros de visualización; SmartContrast, que ajusta automáticamente el color, el contraste y la intensidad de la retroiluminación, y SmartResponse, con un tiempo de respuesta de solo 5 ms.

Another feature of this system is the MHL connectivity, so users can connect their mobile devices to the screen via an optional MHL cable and view content in a format of 27 "Color Quantum Dot technology and Full HD resolution.

MMD Philips E-Line Quantum Dot Color

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By • 16 Mar, 2016
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