Madrid seeks to become a Smart City of reference in the world, and therefore will modernize its urban furniture with 300 screens and 350 points WiFi. These digital media will incorporate elements of communication of proximity for discharge of touristic, cultural contents and information of municipal interest.

Clear Channel urban furniture Madrid

Clear Channel It has been awarded for the contest organized by the Ayuntamiento de Madrid to manage the furniture urban of the capital during the next 12 years. Its proposal includes the incorporation of 1,610 marquees, of which 300 will be digital media from outside, in addition to 164 informational columns. These digital signage solutions offer to brands and advertisers a high added value for its communication allowing them to be more immediate, flexible, targetizada and custom.

New street furniture and added services won't cost for locals, since they funded advertising exploitation of the brackets. The city of Madrid will enter also a variable barrel depending on the advertising revenue generated by the management of the new urban furniture.

With this award, the multinational strengthens its presence in the Spanish market, where in recent years has invested more than 200 million euros. This award has managed it with a project based on environmental sustainability, universal accessibility, and an innovative channel of communication and citizen participation.

Clear Channel urban furniture Madrid

New street furniture of the city has elements designed in Madrid Madrid architects, whose supports are 100 percent accessible, prioritize respect and care for the urban environment. On the one hand, improve the quality of the air, thanks to a coating that favors the destruction of nitrogen oxides. On the other hand, will reduce by 80% electricity consumption thanks to energy efficiency that allows the Led technology.

Companies such as Telefonica and several young entrepreneurs from Madrid, which have been accessed through collaboration with municipal building Madrid Emprende programme have participated in technological development that incorporates the proposal of Clear Channel.

The new channel of communication and citizen participation will work thanks to the installation of 300 digital mupi format media and 350 WiFi hotspots. It will also, in all the furniture with elements of communication of proximity for the download of tourist, cultural contents or information of municipal interest in four languages.

Clear Channel urban furniture Madrid

The new project will especially take care information on local services to the citizen, the Madrid business and for other disadvantaged stakeholders. Advertisers and brands will find new digital technologies of last generation to ensure maximum efficiency to your messages and enable interactivity with potential clients and consumers. New digital media in addition new opportunities of communication that will help boost trade and the activity of the Madrid.

La propuesta de Clear Channel favorece el reciclado de vidrio, pilas y baterías móviles, mediante la instalación de más soportes destinados al reciclaje y la ampliación de su presencia a zonas de la ciudad que hasta ahora no los tenían. Madrid contará con 190 contenedores de vidrio, 1.310 mupis informativos, de los cuales 400 serán para la recogida de pilas, y 164 columnas informativas.

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By • 17 Mar, 2016
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