With an investment in digital advertising from 1.289,2 billion euros in 2015, 21% more than the previous year, the study of advertising investment in digital media at IAB Spain, in collaboration with PWC, the increase of investment in video (65.6%) and purchase program (86.4%), and includes for the first time data on investment in connected TV and audio online.

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IAB Spain, Association of advertising, marketing and digital communication in Spain, has presented its 'study of advertising investment in digital media', corresponding to the year 2015 and elaborated in collaboration with PWC.

The total data for investment in digital advertising in 2015 has been 1.289,2 million euros, a figure that includes the investment breakdown in desktop (1,168 million euros); Mobile (78.4); digital signage (35.6); Audio online (4.6) and connected TV (1.2 million), which means a growth of 21% compared to the previous year. The advertising digital, as is stands out in this study, represents a share of the 25% respect to the total of the investment advertising, consolidating its second position in the ranking of media.

This is the third year that the study provides the data of investment of digital signage, which after reaching the 35.6 million euros by 2015 has increased 11% over the previous year, with a market share with respect to the total investment of 2.8%.

IAB Spain investment advertising 2015

Advertising investment in desktop has reached 1,168 million euros, which are distributed on display (439,2 million) and an increase of 34,06%; Search (612,3) with an increase of the 47.4%; video (117,1) and 9.08% more than in 2014. Automotive, technology and telecommunications, and financial services and insurance are the three sectors that have more invested in display, with 44% of the total.

On programme buying increased 9.35% 2014 13.86% last year, even though most of the purchase by 2015 was negotiated, with 86,14%. The investment in video continues in ascent after reaching 117,16 million of euros and representing the 11% of the investment display.

With an increase of 82% in 2015 compared to the previous year, the investment in mobile has been located in 78.4 million euros, in which the display formats concentrated 34.8 million investment, against 36.5 of search and 7.1 million euros in video.

According to the study, is invested more in web mobile (69%) than in advertising in apps (31%). With regard to sectors, automotive (33%), others (17%) and technology and communication (10%) are those who more have invested in 2015 in display mobile.

The study does not have investment in native advertising data, but through the generalized feedback of the market, from IAB is expected a remarkable presence in 2016, very linked to investment in content by advertisers.

Antonio Traugott, CEO of IAB Spain, "no doubt, 2015 was a good year for digital advertising industry. It is very remarkable that the online sector has been the only means to increase its market share in total advertising investment. Advertisers increasingly are favoring digital media and have the willingness to further increase their investments as online sector professionals are able to respond to their main needs "

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By • 17 Mar, 2016
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