With an unconventional structure in the Fallas in Valencia, the work done by the Polytechnic University of Valencia offers a spectacle of projection, light and sound as innovative elements that have earned the third prize of experimental failures, as well as in the ' wit and grace '.

Falla 2016 University

The fault created this year by the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV - UPV) Is not indifferent to Valencia and tourists who come to the great feast of the Spanish community, which has its climactic day on March 19.

This fallero monument was created by artist and professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UPV, Jaume Chornet, with the slogan 'Ouroboros', symbolizing "the eternal struggle of human behavior, where the futile effort is the result of the cycle eternal that begins with every sunrise and is torn between hope and disillusionment that there can be no escape, and so on until the end of the universe, without an enabling force stop it. "

Falla 2016 University

Located in the parking lot of the School of Engineering Building on the campus of Vera of the city, Falla de la UPV It stands out for its innovative structure, in the form of icosahedral geodesic sphere (eight meters in diameter), designed by Professor Department of Architectural Graphic Expression, Pedro M. Cabezos, and covered with a skin made with grooved plywood sheets.

This coating gives different aspects to the monument throughout the day. So, in the morning, it acts as a screener, providing a play of light and shadows on its similar to a Venetian blind inside. However, at night, lets out the artificial light outward, offering a completely different reading of the work.

Falla 2016 University

Holograms humorously

In addition to its outer face, the inside of the fault also saved several surprises for the visitor, as it works as an exhibition space containing various figures and objects, among which is a simulator of holographic projections to project a video, shot by representatives of the fault, which humorously criticizes the use of expanded polystyrene in the fallero world.

Cada elemento expuesto en su interior incluye, además de su cartel descriptivo, un código QR para ampliar la información mediante dispositivos móviles. Además, el monumento contiene diversos efectos de luz artificial y esculturas de madera realizadas por el artista y sus colaboradores, alumnos de la UPV, así como otras piezas talladas para la ocasión por diferentes alumnos de la Facultad de Bellas Artes.

Falla 2016 University

At night, the fault is transformed into a spectacle of holographic projection, with references to characters from 'Star Wars', and effects of light and sound, created by the professor of sculpture and professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UPV Amparo Carbonell, and the research group Light Laboratory that power.

In addition, it is already operating a webcam that focuses the failure of the UPV and through which you can follow live all the details of the cremà that will take place on March 19.

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By • 18 Mar, 2016
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