On the occasion of the farewell of Reon Yuzuki, one of the most admired artists of this Japanese musical theatre, concert officials decided to use this new system of professional audio, developed by d & b before thousands of people who attended the concert at the Saitama Super arena.

Concert Yuzuki db audio

The rental company Arxiduc Audio, with headquarters in the Japanese city of Yokohama, won the contract to carry out the parting concert of Reon Yuzuki, one of the most admired stars of female musical theater Takarazuka Revue in this country, which decided to install ArrayProcessing immediately after it arose and company without prior technical training.

As noted by Yutaka Nakamura, head of the Department of sound at Arxiduc, "know well the quality of" d & b, so decided to use ArrayProcessing without worry. "Was not a small request: expected attendance of thousands of admirers at the Saitama Super Arena and a potential audience of millions of people for the live transmission".

In this line, Arxiduc, Hirohide Kobayashi, CEO recalls his confidence in this manufacturer: "I started my career as a technician monitors and, from the moment that I bought my first COTS M4 by d & b and I realized that had to lose thirty-minute equalizing them every day, I have been a faithful user of the mark. We now have products of the Series V and E, as well as monitors, but for the concert of Yuzuki needed many more teams."

For this reason, this steering counted with the collaboration of the company Board Yamazaki, partner of d & b in this country, in addition to creating a consortium of suppliers of this brand, which included Links, based in Kyoto, and At Sound, local company of Saitama.

Concert Yuzuki db audio

The incorporation of ArrayProcessing in this concert "was uncomplicated. Only it is an additional page workflow of ArrayCalc - explains Kakamura-. I filled the ten available memoirs of ArrayProcessing with results measured at different points of the Pavilion, based on the performance of the system without ArrayProcessing. "We apply each memory shift them compared with the performance of my design installed without ArrayProcessing, and I chose - 2dB at the first point and in the area of the back, - 4 dB with mode full Glory: gives a better frequency response in a wider area".

The installation of this system also aroused the interest of those responsible for issuing the concert on television. Takeshi Suzuki, Chief Technical Officer of Audio Visual Communications (Tokyo), recalled that "I was glad agree that Arxiduc used our event to the first experience with ArrayProcessing. The results were excellent and we could see the positive benefits for the way in which the public reacted in the transmission, so for us it was doubly effective. The transmission was live from the event circulated through Live Viewing Japan and they were also very satisfied."

ArrayProcessing "sounded natural, not only on the table, but also here, there and everywhere. It has shown that there is another dimension in system performance, and that sounds great from the first row up in the localities deeper. Try whole arrangement as a complete system, instead of applying different levels and filter settings to individual boxes, so it is so effective. "

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By • 21 Mar, 2016
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