Various Spanish Museums showcase the online initiative developed by Virtualware, Altamira VR Experience. The viewer will have a Samsung VR Gear to discover the pictorial secrets of the cave located in Santillana del Mar.

Altamira VR cave Virtualware

Before the premiere of the film 'Altamira', directed by Hugh Hudson and starring Antonio Banderas, Rupert Everett and Irene Escolar, which deals with the discovery of the Cantabrian cave, Morena Films together with Samsung they have developed an immersive experience and virtual using the technology of Virtualware.

Morena Films has submitted an application for Samsung Gear VR, using virtual reality technology, lets find out the paintings of Altamira. The entrance in the cave made by María Sanz de Sautuola, discoverer of the paintings of Quaternary art can live thanks to the Altamira VR App.

Various Spanish museums will exhibit this online initiative (Altamira VR Experience), developed by Virtualware, that immerses the viewer in the bowels of the cave of Altamira, declared of Cultural interest of humanity.

Altamira VR cave Virtualware

The initiative is accompanied by ergonomic design wireless glasses Samsung VR Gear, which connect to mobile phones of the high-end manufacturer and have enabled Virtualware to create this immersive experience, through a mobile app.

Based on the data of scanning 3D, carried out by GIM Geomaticscompany dedicated to the management of Civil, Industrial, historical heritage and the environment, Virtualware information has generated a model in three dimensions that represents real scale and with a great level of detail the cavity, whose paintings were declared World Heritage site in 1985.

Altamira VR cave Virtualware

GIM Geomatics has been commissioned to obtain a high precision topography that integrates information from the outside of the cave and other geological data structure.

All this combination of technologies allow transport and immerse you into the cave to discover the secrets and paintings of bison, deer and horses, as did Maria Sanz de Santuola in 1878, the protagonist of the film Altamira. A cave that has remained closed to the public for twelve years and currently has limited access, with the aim of preserving this heritage.

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By • 23 Mar, 2016
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