In the Fulldome Workshop 360 will be discussed all aspects that are needed to create an audiovisual project 360, as well as the technical approach and mapping Look Dome.

Fulldome Workshop 360

Mira Live Visual Arts Festival will arrive in Berlin on June 11. The setting for the celebration will be the Funkhaus, a historic renovated building that was the headquarters of the radius of the former German Democratic Republic.

During the event audiovisual shows, installations, lectures, workshops and Mira Dome, immersive dome premiered at the 2015 Barcelona and dedicated to projections and surround sound 360 will be made.

This first German edition will also host the Fulldome Workshop 360, an intensive workshop of three days that will address all aspects of a Fulldome project, the creation of audiovisual content 360 with Blendy 360 Cam, the technical approach and mapping of the dome ( look Dome) with VJ software Blendy Dome.

The workshop is organized by Mira, Eyesberg, Telenoika and United VJs, And will be taught by the new media artist and co-founder of the art collective United VJs, Pedro Zaz (Brazil).

The theoretical part of the workshop will be held in the classrooms of Funkhaus Berlin, while practice will be held at the Mira Dome, a geodesic dome 10 meters high and 17 meters wide enclosures dedicated to art projects 360.

Mira Berlin 2016

look Berlin

The event to be held in Germany Mira Live Visual Arts Festival was born with the same philosophy as the Barcelona edition: be a leader in the distribution and exhibition of artistic proposals that fuse the visual arts and music.

La organización del festival barcelonés ha elegido Funkhaus Berlín por las características de sus espacios y las posibilidades que ofrece este recinto emblemático de la capital alemana, situado al este de la ciudad y al lado del río Spree. El interior de esta localización, con una gran carga arquitectónica, acogerá parte de la programación del festival, mientras el Mira Dome estará situado en el exterior del recinto.

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