Promote the business, get income additional with the advertising of third or have of WiFi smart for have access to analysis and Big Data for know best to them customers are some of the services of this platform of Digital Out Of Home.

Playthenet TV

Playthe.NET It remains committed to promoting digital signage in the hospitality environment. The latest initiative which has unveiled is a designed online platform for bars can promote their products and offers on the screens in your local.

Playthe.NET TV is television to all bars service which allows you to promote in-house products, issue contained unique, generate additional revenue by third-party advertising and offer the best football.

Playthenet TVWith this service, these catering establishments can also offer customers free WiFi and use the 'smart WiFi' to gain access to Big Data and analysis to learn more about people who come to the local.

For the company this platform means a way to evolve the DOOH medium maximizing advertising effectiveness from content of interest to an increasingly demanding audience with content of interest as Champions, Big Data and metrics for advertisers oriented success of their campaigns. "A disruptive model for bar owners, who can communicate their promotions, broadcast unique content and increase advertising revenue with third parties."

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By • 31 Mar, 2016
• Section: Cases of study, Digital signage, Display, Dynamic advertising

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