The room of the Emirates of this building has been restored and modernized taking in has the environment and culture of this country. One of the most representative areas is the roof where the engineering company has used audio-visual technology to reproduce visualization of heaven emirati into six time slots of the day.

BGL room Emirate Palace UN Geneva

This month of June is has opened the room of them Emirates, old Room XVII, of the Palace of them Nations United of Geneva, whose rehabilitation and modernization has had a cost of 22 million of dollars, and that have been funded entirely by the mission permanent of them Emirates Arab United in the headquarters of the UN.

It project has been devised and designed by the architects Siavosh Adeli & Joakim of Rham, commissioning is the first, also, of the address technical and optional of the same.

The concept of the new Hall revolves around three essential elements in everyday life of the UAE: the sky, desert and their traditional, always white, dress composed the kandura and the gutra to cover the head.

These elements are symbolized in the room by the ceiling, in which is displayed the sky; by the carpet of the floor, in various tones of the arenas reddish of the desert; and by the chairs white, to image of the emirati traditional. In addition to other reasons that evoke hobbies local, as the horses and the falconry.

The Italian company CCM, specialized in furniture of interior for airports and large spaces public, has been the contractor main that has committed the reform integral of the room. For the realization of the ceiling, CCM has entrusted to BGL the supply, installation and integration of audiovisual technology that recreates the sky Emirati display up to six different slots of the day.

The inauguration was chaired by Ambassador Mission Emirates, Obaid Salem Saeed Al Zaabi, and the general director of the Office of the United Nations in Geneva, Michael Moller.

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By • 1 Jul, 2016
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