The latest Business Climate Index (DBCI) of digital signage in the Iberian Peninsula was a slight improvement in business during the months of May and June, although the current business situation and the outlook is much more conservative.

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The current situation in the market of digital signage in Spain and Portugal decreased in the period of May and June of this year, 14.66 basis points, from 69.40 to 54.74 basis points, according to the Index Ovab Europe (DBCI) Or business climate index in signage and digital out-of-home digital (DooH) drafted Invidis Consulting.

Overall, the IT sector and Digital Signage has not changed much in recent months, although the optimism for the near future is valued more conservatively because almost 30% of the surveyed industry does not provide for an increase confidence in the sector in the near future and call for a new general election in Spain could have introduced some uncertainty in the industry.

Ovadia Europe 2016 Invidis ConsultingAccording to the DBCI, most digital signage solutions have used Windows operating system in 2015. However, other operating systems have gained market share over the past two years, especially Linux-based facilities are becoming very common.

In this sense, cost and safety predominate in decision making. DS facilities increasingly varied in size and performance time, devices operating with a different architecture to the PC, such as Raspberry Pi, Cisco, BrightSign, SpinetiX, etc. They are largely integrated.

Affordable Android operating systems or SoC based have usually according to this index, the best reception in the market, but there are still important details to improve security and performance. Apple operating systems could be established in a good segment, but many IT managers dismiss it as currently valid for digital signage installations.

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By • 6 Jul, 2016
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