With the quality of the popular iD14, this new interface of audio of the signature, powered through the bus USB 2.0 (24 bit / 96 kHz), is a tool suitable for producers and composers in mobility continues and tours.

Audient iD14 Lexon distribution

New audio iD4 interface of Audientmarketed in Spain through Lexon distribution (of the Group) Audio-Technica), numerous features which includes the same present in your known console microphonic preamplifier; converters AD of sound pristine; D.I. JFET input; headphone in class a/b with double output amplifier; control of monitoring a console style and the wheel of ScrollControl virtual sweep of this company, all housed in a compact and ergonomic steel and aluminum box.

Tom Waterman, technical director of Audient, explains that "iD4 puts the legendary sound of Audient available to producers and composers who want to have the best possible sound from the beginning. "Even when only need a prior of microphone, uses the same technology of preamplifier microphone in class that incorporates our best console of mixtures, ASP8024 Heritage Edition, what guarantees a reproduction completely faithful of the source".

Audient iD14 Lexon distributionAnother of its differential, the advantages offered by the ScrollControl function, is its ease of use. "With a simple touch of a button, the encoder volume becomes a virtual sweep wheel, which makes it possible to the user to use the button iD to manually adjust the host DAW, plug ins, automation parameters and even to browse your iTunes library", says Waterman.

Audient iD4 also has of an input of type JFET for instrument, inspired in it stage of entry of an amplifier to valves classic, so the user connect directly your guitar, bass, keyboard or box of rhythms and start to record of form immediate, enjoying of a sound exceptional. "Having both microphonic preamplifier input DI - continues - allows you to express your ideas more quickly".

Audient iD14 Lexon distributionEste interfaz de audio incorpora dos nuevas prestaciones diseñadas para facilitar el proceso de grabación: Monitor Mix y Monitor Pan. Con la primera función “es posible monitorizar una mezcla de las dos entradas del iD4 y de la reproducción del DAW, proporcionando una monitorización con una latencia de prácticamente cero mientras se está grabando -explica Waterman-. Si estás grabando una guitarra acústica y una voz, la función Monitor Pan permite panoramizar tanto la entrada de micro como la entrada DI, de izquierda a derecha, facilitando la creación de una mezcla balanceada y personalizada para los auriculares”.

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By • 8 Jul, 2016
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