This multi-sensory exhibition immerses the visitor in the traditional celebrations of Pamplona views from the point of view of the corridor. To this end, has four Simulator of virtual reality, a 3D projection, a speedometer equipped with sensors that allow you to compare the speed of the visitor with a bull, interactive touch screens and a "sound room" to experience closure just in this sense.

Confinement The Exhibition

Confinement The Exhibition It is a traveling exhibition developed with the latest technology applied to the interactive experience that guides the visitor through an experiential and sensory journey that transports you to the closure of San Fermin.

The exhibition has chosen these festivals, which are just beginning on July 7, to make his presentation in Pamplona and continue their route by Sevilla, Valencia and Madrid. More afternoon transferred the borders national and will be exhibited in London and Paris and in 2019 will cross the Atlantic show is in different cities of United States.

This multi-sensory exhibition of immersion 360 º, which has an approximate area of 1,100 square meters, based their sample on this national holiday and makes it leaning on the audiovisual technologies to invite the user to active participation, to touch, feel and experience. During the creation process used innovative techniques that include treatment of Parallax visual textures in 3D, render with physical basis, trees of behavior and Artificial Intelligence, heads of real people implemented scanning, 3D sound and original animations.

Confinement The Exhibition

Closure The Exhibition revolves around the theme of closure of San Fermín, narrated from the point of view of the corridor. Throughout the different rooms, the visitor will have the opportunity of know and live this tradition navarra. Also also engaged a special space in the figure of Ernest Hemingway to explain its bonding with this festival.

It is a sample that allows you to live and feel the closure of Pamplona without the risks of doing in real life and with all the scientific and historical information for a complete view of what surrounds this tradition of Navarre. Along the Tour exhibition, the visitor may introduce is in the skin of the runner through one of them four simulators of reality virtual, see a projection 3D, run in a speedometer equipped with of sensors that allow compare it quickly of the visitor with it of a bull, live the closure through the sense of the ear in the dark and Hermetic ' room of the sound ' manipulate images without touching them only controlled with gestural orders, 'Minority Report' style, manipulate pictures on screen touch interactive s or see a 3D projection.

Confinement The Exhibition

Virtual reality Simulators have been developed exclusively for the sample with a Triple-A game engine. The visitor gets into an omni-directional platform that allows freedom of movement and provide a 360-degree view. And to get an experience more immersive have of some glasses VR, also designed specifically, that have an angle of vision of 110 degrees in diagonal and 90 in horizontal.

In the 'room of the sound' infrasounds and 3D sounds envelop visitors before you feel the tension and excitement that reigns in the environment before and during the closure, as well as the calm that reigns at the end of the race.

In the movie theater 3D can be viewed with special glasses a projection inserted into the festive atmosphere of the streets of Pamplona, ​​which takes center stage Estafeta street, which from 7 to 14 July becomes part of the running of the bulls San Fermin.

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By • 8 Jul, 2016
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