This team, with resolution of 1.280 × 1.024, is characterized by have of a panel LCD IPS (in-plane switching) with an angle of vision of 178 °, that minimizes them changes of color and contrast when is displayed the screen from a side, and count with an entry DisplayPort to ensure its compatibility with others teams.

EIZO FlexScan S1934

Eizo FlexScan S1934 is a 19-inch monitor with a native resolution of 1.280 × 1.024 pixels intended for use in offices and control rooms that usually require this type of square format.

This team is the successor of the FlexScan S1933 which has been optimized giving a DisplayPort input to ensure proper compatibility with other long-term. Consumption is 9 Watts during a regular operation which means a reduction of 25% on the previous model.

EIZO FlexScan S1934The FlexScan S1934 is characterized by an LCD panel IPS (in-plane switching) with a viewing angle of 178 °, which minimizes the changes of color and contrast when the screen from the side. Environmental brightness, called Auto EcoView sensor adjusts brightness according to environmental changes in brightness.

Preset called Paper mode mode low color temperature to reduce emitted blue light, which is the cause of eyestrain. A non-glossy screen reduces eyestrain dispelling the reflected light that otherwise would hamper the screen display. Additionally, the frame surface has been treated to prevent the reflection of light. The FlexScan S1934 also includes presets sRGB modes, Dicom (for visualization of medical images) and Custom (user-defined settings), allowing you to switch between the modes with the button on the front of the frame.


  • 250 cd/m2 brightness, 1000:1 contrast ratio.
  • Input port DisplayPort, DVI-D 24-pin mini D-Sub 15 pin.
  • ergonomic stand with 100 mm height adjustment, 30 ° tilt, 70 ° swivel, and portrait mode display mode.
  • dual 0.5W speakers and headphone jack.
  • Complies with EPA Energy Star 7.0 standard, TCO certification EPEAT Gold 7 and.

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By • 11 Jul, 2016
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