The four new PCs with slot Slot-In based on the NEC OPS, available from this month of July, offer easy integration with Intel Core i7 and support for most popular digital screens applications.

NEC Display OPS

The new PCs based on OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) that NEC Display Solutions It has developed for projectors and large format screens improve significantly the performance of the reproduction of the contents in digital signage and digital signage applications.

This sixth generation processors Intel Core offers UHD resolution for applications where imagna quality and sharpness are fundamental, such as panels of tracking information of flights at airports, multimedia reproduction in displays of shops, menu board in restaurants, as well as in enterprise video conferencing systems.

NEC Airport Led Display

All large-format NEC screens and projectors for installation PX and PH series are compatible with the new PCs with slot Slot-In and are based on OPS, the first specification in the industry applied to digital signage, simplifying the installation of devices and making it easier to update equipment.

Sectors such as retail, hospitality, transportation, etc. can use PCs with slot Slot-In to fully adapted solutions to the specific needs of your business, using a range of solid hard drives, RAM, operating systems, TMP to improve security, G3.75 for mobile data or adding Wi-Fi.

NEC Display Andreas HolstAs pointed out Andreas Holst (pictured), product manager of NEC Display Solutions Europe solutions, "today many sectors are looking for ways to improve your digital signage and employ more advanced applications. Furthermore, they need flexibility in how to use screens, adapting the solutions to the specific needs of the business. Significantly improving the performance of the operation of the display, the possibility to increase the profit and get a smoother operating, opens while ensuring long-term profitability".

NEC Display ISE2016With software 3dMark06/11, PCs with slot Slot-In provide a power of 3D graphics up to a 100% top, which fits perfectly to the content in ultra high resolution (UHD - 4K), and the overall performance is improved by more than 40%. All connectors are integrated into the display.

Additional benefits are playback and 4K UHD resolution to create hyper-realistic content without pixels; as well as better viewing experience thanks to Intel HD Graphics 530, which provides high quality graphics for devices that display videos, 2D / 3D graphics and interactive content, including resolution UHD at 60Hz, to which is added a low consumption, thereby energy saving.

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By • 13 Jul, 2016
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