Belgian engineering has designed and manufactured a Rotary system to hold and move five large automated systems on the stage of the tour 'Chaos', with which the Spanish singer runs through Spain.

WIcreations Malu tour chaos

The current tour of the singer Malú, called 'Chaos' that ends the month of November after offering 69 concerts in Spain, featuring an innovative Rotary specialist system for automated stage elements WIcreationsAccording to the project of production directed by Manuel Bustamante for this tour.

Four of the five mobile objects on the stage are 1, 9 × 3, 8 meters, and element central is 3, 8 × 3, 8 m; all of them are built in a structure of truss equipped with Led panels with a pixel pitch of 20 mm. on one side, and an array of robotic Robe Pointe in the other, composed of nine lights on each of the smaller lighting pods and eighteen in the large, all mobile and made to measure for this project.

WIcreations Rotator TP5Independent floor bases have created a selection of truss WIcreations normally have available rental market, combined with special adapters, feet that hold them, and one of the rotating elements mounted on the base.

As soon as the basic methodology was established, the company designed and manufactured frames truss, to which are connected the Led panels and the robotic. To control the rotators are used the software of automation of KINeSYS Vector, a stable and solid product that WIcreations frequently used to address issues of automation.

WIcreations Malu tour chaosAfter defining the project with the production team of Malu for several months, engineering and delivery of the system, complete and running, had to perform in sixteen days, which became the main challenge, as indicated by one of its leaders: "it was a relatively straightforward process, but doing everything in that time period was what complicated it".

The testing equipment was completed in WIcreations storage facilities in Heist-op-den-Berg (Belgium) before delivery to production tests in Madrid. An integral part of it are also the trucks travel, for storing and transporting the objects, and also facilitate loading and unloading. As in other turnkey projects company engineers trained at the show WIcreations team so they could operate and maintain the system.

WIcreations Malu tour chaos

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By • 13 Jul, 2016
• Section: Cases of study, Control, Display, Events, Lighting, Production

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