Moxie software has become the axis of this infrastructure of digital signage that has recently been expanded with two videowalls Led 13, 4 × 4, 2 meters, located at the entrances of the terminals A and C, and 62 new screens at counters.

Omnivex Port Columbus Airport

Located in the center of Ohio (United States), the Airport International Port Columbus offers about 150 flights daily to 32 destinations and provides their services to more than 6 million of passengers each year.

Operated by Columbus Regional Airport Authority, this airport had a great renewal in 2013 and as part of this project is included the expansion of its network of signaling digital to improve the experience and communication with the customer. In this way, added more video walls and counters display solutions. This enlargement has extended for three years until in March this year have been installed two videowalls Led, with one dimensions 13, 4 × 4, 2 meters, at the entrances of the terminals A and C, and 62 new screens at counters.

Omnivex Port Columbus Airport

This project, which has been made by Radiant Technology, partner of Omnivex,
includes two video walls, formed by individual Led screens of high resolution and provide an optimal graphical capability. In addition they have solution Omnivex Moxie to manage dynamic content and in high-definition digital signage network, ensuring both the texts and the images to be displayed with great clarity. Every videowall provides information in time real of them flights, as well as ads advertising and other messages important for those travelers.

62 screens that have been incorporated into the area where tickets are issued were designed to be easily updated with a touch screen. Here players Omnivex Moxie are used to allow airline employees to quickly and easily to access and make changes to tickets.

Omnivex Port Columbus Airport

A history of the relationship

Radiant Technology has been collaborating with the airport since the beginning of this expansion of its network of digital signage; While the Omnivex Moxie began to use in 2014 for screens located in the restaurant area, and later expanded his installation to a large video wall consisting of 48 screens that are located in the terminal B and that is managed to improve its resolution.

The project progressed to include other walls in the restaurant area, which announce the various providers of foodservice.

With these improvements in digital signage network, the airport has managed to increase its advertising revenue and between their forecasts is further expanding the infrastructure and improving content.

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By • 18 Jul, 2016
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