Badajoz, Tenerife, Madrid and Murcia are some of the cities which will be presented this musical in which ION console has had a leading role to make shine and play with the light, providing the flexibility you need a live show.

Stonex ETC "El Interprete"

It version extended of the work of Asier Etxeandia, "the interpreter", returns to upload is to them tables in a tour that will travel it geography Spanish accompanied by the console ION of etc.

The stage chosen to begin this tour was the Teatro Calderón in Madrid which has followed the Tenerife Guimerà and will continue through the cities of Badajoz, Murcia, Vitoria and Bilbao. "The interpreter" is the first project that took form low the factory of mother Constriktor, that was born of the encounter of four Professional: Asier Etxeandia, Tao Gutierrez, Jose Luis Huertas and Ana Sanchez of the Brown.

Chiqui Ruiz ETC the interpreterIt is a musical whose foundations are based on original songs and classic versions that give form to a script that keeps the viewer of the conventional and correct on a journey through the emotions. A show with and for the public that everything is possible and with an approach of ' deshinibición, desenfado, excess...'

Chiqui Ruiz, ETCPro of ETC, whose mark distributed StonexHe has been the responsible person to this work with the ION console light. During its development it has programmed various cues that allow glittering and play with the light, providing the flexibility you need a live show.

ION es una mesa idónea para entornos en los que el espacio es reducido gracias a su tamaño. Intuitiva y potente, el estilo operativo que caracterizan a los productos de la familia Eos se concentra en una consola compacta y accesible a un presupuesto reducido. Proporciona un control totalmente integrado que satisface las necesidades de principiantes y profesionales por igual

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By • 18 Jul, 2016
• Section: Cases of study, Control, Lighting

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