IoT Solutions will be led by Alejandro Benito and will offer a broad portfolio of solutions for various sectors and tools to bring this technology to users. It will also provide training for the empowerment of partners and support services for the multi-channel distribution on a large scale.

Tech Data IoT Solutions

Tech Data It has created a set of technologies and business tools to facilitate the distribution channel the sale of complete solutions under the model Internet of Things (IoT).

This is held through IoT Solutions, the new division of Tech Data, that will be led by Alejandro Benito, and will offer solutions adapted to the needs specific of production, quality and compliance. Support includes the entire process, from the identification of the need for business to integration, maintenance and support, through the design of the solution, the development of the concept and its tested.

"The objective is that these technologies are simple to the partner. And this are we going to get through a large ecosystem of technologies and services IoT, along with solutions designed for specific, as industry 4.0, agriculture sectors, logistics or distribution, transport, trade, space management, and many others,"explains Paulí Amat, country manager of Tech Data Spain.

The new division is born with a consolidated infrastructure through components like Miimetiq, platform specialist company Nexiona, and now Tech Data offers as part of its portfolio of IoT solutions. Wholesale plans also go through further increase the list of third-party solutions that add value to this offer. This group also provide training for enabling partners and support services for large-scale multi-channel distribution.

"In highly competitive markets such as logistics and transport, a small improvement in efficiency can result in a great improvement in profitability," says Paulí Amat.

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By • 19 Jul, 2016
• Section: Business

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