Cicero is an application that allows you to interact with virtual avatars, moving in an immersive environment and personalized, so that people who suffer from this disease can overcome certain difficulties in social interaction, or the possibility to speak in public.

U -tad Cicero

Indra, Universia Foundation and U -tad, Centre College of Digital Art and technology, have signed a collaboration agreement for the creation of a Research Chair in accessible technologies, whose first project is Cicero: VR speech coach. Is is of an application that, through technical immersive of reality virtual, allows to them people with syndrome of Asperger train its interaction with other people and the exhibition in public of different materials.

Thanks to its capacity of immersion, virtual reality is used for rehabilitation of different types of disorders and phobias, as it is the case of the syndrome of Asperger, a Neurobiology of autism spectrum disorder which affected are certain difficulties in their social skills, behavior or communication.

The project Cicero, researchers, doctors and students of U-tad, developing will enable the practice of speaking in public, in such a way that it will help these people to reduce fear, anxiety, phobia or rejection that cause them these situations, adapt to them and to improve their performance both educational and professional.

The application will allow the user to interact with virtual avatars through gamification techniques, dynamics of the game not playful environments. The difficulty will increase gradually in different levels, according to be incorporated interactions, interruptions, noises, etc., making the user improve the exhibitions and contact and communication with your audience.

To facilitate the use of the solution, is can use with glasses of vision stereoscopic and a smartphone, which will facilitate to the user have this coach virtual in your own House. Another option is using a device of virtual reality with better performance that generates a virtual environment more immersive and realistic, accessing the virtual environment with the command of a console. This second option helps the user to forget that you are using a system of therapeutic training and close to familiar surroundings: the video game.

Therapeutic validity

It is a multidisciplinary project, levels and modules will be defined by a team consisting of experts in different disciplines, led by Laura Raya, Director of the project by U-tad: researchers from the branches of virtual reality, gamification, artificial intelligence, communication, public speaking, visual design and animation, responsible for the technical needs of development, as well as psychologists and specialized teachers.

In order to determine the therapeutic validity of Cicero, its viability and real impact, associations of Asperger's Spain will be involved in the project, guiding and advising on guidelines to follow with such people and their social evolution. It will also facilitate and will promote the participation of students with disabilities, members of the University community of U-tad, in some phases of the project, not only as subjects in requirements and validation, but also the same developers.

For his coaching ability virtual reality, Cicero also be used by people unaccustomed to exhibitions in public and group discussions who want to improve their communication skills both at the university level, where the Bologna attaches great importance to the presentations , and at work.

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By • 19 Jul, 2016
• Section: Training, Augmented reality, Bless you, Simulation

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