To the videomapping which was screened on the occasion of the Festival of light and avant-garde, used three Boxer 4K 30 which placed a layher and a distance of about 40 meters. The objective was cover a surface of projection of 335 meters and offer a brightness of 90,000 lumens.

Christie Festival light State convento San Esteban

In 1524, the Dominicans built the convent of San Esteban in Salamanca, a building that mixes different styles like Gothic or Baroque and boasting a Grand plateresque façade. Nearly 500 years later, this same facade has been used to make a vidéomapping on the occasion of the Festival of light and avant-garde that, as we publish in Digital AV Magazineheld its first edition from 16 to 19 June.

Christie Festival light State convento San EstebanIn this event, which has had as protagonists to the most emblematic monuments of the city, three projectors have been used Christie Boxer 4K 30, managed by Sonoin order to provide 90,000 lumens and create a spectacular mapping projection on the convent.

The Festival, organized by Study of communication, with the collaboration of the Ayuntamiento de Salamanca and the support of Iberdrola, has had as scenario the streets of Salamanca and, within them, buildings unique on which a selection of artists invited, students University, artists independent and companies of the field of the video and the installation projected their creations, especially designed for them features architectural of them buildings elected.

At the front of the production technical was José Luis Iglesias, director of the company Heavents, that relied in the Sono as supplier audiovisual of the event, who facilitated the rental of equipment audiovisual, the adjustment of the projections of video, the mounting and the assistance technical for cover them different spaces in which is developed this festival.

Festival light and Vanguards Salamanca2016

On the facade of the convent of San Esteban is projected the work ' Daylight' of the artist Anna Barriball that showed them shadows of them leaves that tremble and is balanced in time real, entering and leaving of the focus. Nature entered fully into the facade of the convent, transforming its original shape and interacting with the lush greenery of the trees that surround it.

The projection surface was 17 x 21.9 meters, which made a total of 335 square meters. Sono decided to use those Boxers by their power light, since had that get at least 200 lumens by metro square. The projectors were placed in a layher and the projection distance was about 40 meters. Each of the teams covered a part of the facade of the convent, so that the three were blendeados.

The system was used as player Dataton Watchout, and total resolution that worked was 1 700 × 2.190 pixels.

Those responsible for technical of Sono had his first contact with the Boxer during a visit to the factory of Christie in Kitchener, Canada. "There is no other projector level that has a native panel of 4096 x 2.160 and 30,000 lumens at only 68 kilos of weight. In addition it is 360 ° Omni-directional, so it can be used in any position. "There are others features that it make interesting, as the system of multi-lamp that uses, its consumption reduced, it easily to adjust it, them settings of warping and blending included and the processing of the signal", says Francesc Comabella, director technical of this company.

Festival light and Vanguards Salamanca2016

Also at the Festival of light and avant-garde, also three projectors Christie Roadster HD18K (3DLP, 18,000 lumens, HD resolution technology) for the mapping carried out in the schools courtyard of the University of Salamanca, and two other projectors Christie Roadster HD14K-M (3DLP, 14,000 lumens, HD resolution technology) used in the Casa de las Conchas.

“Estamos encantados de que nuestros proyectores 3DLP, incluyendo el Boxer, se hayan usado en este evento tan creativo. La línea 3DLP de Christie cuenta con un amplio espectro de resoluciones y niveles de brillo que ofrecen un rendimiento sólido y fiable y un brillo uniforme para proyectar sobre casi cualquier estructura”, explica Marcos Fernández, director de Christie para España y Portugal.

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