With the system Made for you, the realization of food begins when the client makes its request with the cashier. To ensure the operation of the process has been necessary install several monitors VA2246m, VA2451m and VA2446m in the lines of production, in places strategic to them employees have a good visibility.

ViewSonic in McDonald Uruguay

McDonald's is the largest and most well known fast food restaurants in the world, with 27,000 locations distributed in 119 countries. One of these countries in which it operates is in Uruguay, whose establishments are run by Arcos Dorados, the franchise of McDonald's the world's largest in terms of sales and number of stores throughout the system.

ViewSonic in McDonald UruguayMcDonald's in Uruguay is visited by more than 75,000 people a day and has more than 2,000 employees, 16 McCafe, 19 centres of desserts and 27 restaurants across the country.

In an ongoing effort to provide the best service to the customer, McDonald's in Uruguay has continually sought new ways to make the customer experience faster and more convenient. To achieve this it has implemented operational changes in food production and it has introduced a system called Made for you (MFY).

MFY system, food products are manufactured to order, the production starts when customer place their order with the cashier. Together with the offer of fresh, high quality, system aims to personalize each customer's order, allowing them to tailor every sandwich or salad ingredients.

The process of production of MFY requires instant transmission of orders from the cash register to the preparation of the kitchen area, even before the customer has completed the order. The implementation of kitchens Made for you required investment in hardware and software technology to facilitate the operation, including monitors in all the production area to display the orders to the kitchen staff.

ViewSonic in McDonald Uruguay

Visualisation in the kitchen

Among the various factors needed to realize the project of kitchens Made for You, the operations team decided to install multiple monitors in the production lines of various sizes and designs, in strategic locations so that the employees who carry out orders would have good visibility.

The screens had to be highly reliable and tough enough for the business environment, in addition to providing an excellent quality of image and sound. It was also essential, have the appropriate connectivity and that integrated speakers.

The option chosen for this project was the display technology of ViewSonic. "We needed strong, monitors capable of undergoing the rigor that implies a cuisine of restaurant, which were reliable, which offer not only quality, but also a guarantee backed up due to. In terms of technology, we wanted monitors that provide us with a good image and connectivity, especially with integrated speakers", explains José Barbeito, director of it & technology of McDonald's.

ViewSonic in McDonald Uruguay

VA2246m-Led, VA2451m - Led and ViewSonic VA2446m-Led models gave the right response to all of the requirements established by the company. "In as far as production, ViewSonic screens facilitated work our employees, with its resolution Full HD, dynamic contrast ratio Mega 10,000: 1 and response time of 5ms, offering clear images that give as a result a great visual experience at all times. In addition, thanks to the VESA mounting system, we have been able easily installed screens in appropriate places, allowing a clear uninterrupted view between the production teams", clarifies Barbeito.

The system Made for You has been best received for McDonald's in Uruguay, since it has improved the efficiency of employees and reduced waste of food production. Today all McDonald completo Uruguay restaurants feature monitors ViewSonic, varying the amount according to the size of the local.

The larger come to have more than 8 monitors in their kitchens, and in total have been incorporated more than one hundred in the various stores. The company plans to open, in the short term, to open new branches to offer fresh food made to order, delivered in real time from the cash register to the kitchen through the ViewSonic screens.

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