Infrastructure, which is installed in 210 stores with plans to expand to 500 before the end of the year, uses Scala Designer to create and manage the contents of screens, being easy to update via the Content Manager.

Scala in 7-Eleven Mexico

7 - eleven Mexico is a chain of convenience stores which has more than 1,700 stores in several parts of the country. In order to boost sales of food, he decided to deploy a digital signage solution that was cost-effective and impactful to a few customers who are on-site for a minimum period of time.

The company responsible of making this project has been Tecnomania, partner of Scalawho started their installation in a few stores at the end of 2012. Today already is implemented in 210 and, given the results obtained expected reach them 500 stores in all Mexico to end of this year.

Within each shop are have placed two screens of way strategic in the area of food hot, that presented images fixed and videos that show food freshly prepared.

Depending on the time of day, the images are dynamically updated. At the time of the meal is show sandwiches with ingredients fresh, more afternoon these change with sweet glazed and sprinkled along with a cup of coffee hot.

Scala in 7-Eleven Mexico

One of the screens is dedicated to inform customers of special offers, promotions or combinations of foods, and the second shows images of the suppliers, promoting high quality food that is offered.

A raíz de la solución digital implementada, 7-Eleven registró un aumento en las ventas de alimentos calientes. Las pantallas al ser llamativas influyen en la compra del cliente al ver los productos sugeridos y ofertas. Las animaciones juegan un papel de entretenimiento en la creación de una experiencia de compra agradable. Por ejemplo, si un cliente llega para comprar un sandwich, las imágenes dinámicas y ofertas promocionales pueden atraer a que el cliente compre también una bebida, un complemento o un postre.

Two aspects of this digital solution were fundamental to the success of the project: the reliable functionality 24 hours and the ability to centrally manage the content. With stores operating day and night, 365 days of the year, a system that did not fail was essential.

Scala in 7-Eleven Mexico

Using Scala Designer software, content is created and is managed in a centralized manner, being easily updated place via the Content Manager interface. This tool is possible optimize the Administration and control of the network of posters digital, what reduces the resources required perform these processes and keep it. Support templates, content distribution based on a plan, timelines and playlists, offers functionalities that help to maintain control over the network from any computer that is connected to the Internet.

Implementing content to hundreds of screens in stores at the same time ensures that the corporate brand standards are consistent.

"Since we use Scala, is more agile and easy work, how to create playlists, how to upload content, as well as to manage the wide variety of formats that are used", says Andrés Villaseñor, commercial director of Tecnomania.

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By • 22 Jul, 2016
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