In this musical spectacle these teams to the amphitheatre, the upper levels and the Gallery, are used with an array online stack on the floor for the seats of four V8 on hand. The system is completed with amplifiers D20 d & b four-channel, teams E6s and E8s for fillings and delay, and Q7s E6s for onstage monitoring and special effects.

DB audio at V7P Rocky Horror

Since the first performance in a setting of the Rocky Horror Show of Richard O'Brien work in 1973, this music show has toured stages around the world. In December 2015, he returned to the scene of United Kingdom and marked the beginning of an important tour that will last until October 2016. Directed by Christopher Luscombe, the show has received a major upgrade and presents an audio design of Gareth Owen, whose relationship with the musical lasts for fifteen years now.

D & B V7P and V10PThis musical of rock highlights by count with an outstanding participation of the public and Luscombe is has centered in balance that appearance with them demands of a tour with stops of a day and the difficult planning that entails. The result is a compact and dynamic production that does not lose anything from the original concept and that maintains the status of cult of the musical work and the fun of the Viewer.

Owen design includes point source V7P speakers of d & b audiotechniksupplied by Orbital Sound, which is the debut of the VP system on a stage. For Owen, the new tour represented the opportunity to try a different dimension with this equipment and test the latest developments in point source technology.

"In recent years, the point source is has been abandoning, partly due to the impact of the arrangements line of enhanced power and coverage. However, in some shows arrangements are not always the ideal solution, and when we hear about the new V7P, the obvious choice was to try it. "Rocky Horror is one of the loudest shows that there are, and were able to get the same result with only a quarter of the number of speakers".

DB audio at V7P Rocky Horror

In Rocky Horror has been used a V7P aside for the Amphitheater, the upper levels and Gallery, with an arrangement of line in the stack on the floor for the seats of four V8 on hand.

"The installation was very simple and we could configure the system to deliver the power and clarity without any distortion. For a show like this, where the Assembly and performance are on the same day, the point source is a great solution,"goes on to explain Owen.

El sistema completo se amplifica con amplificadores D20 de d&b de cuatro canales y, además de los V7P, incluye E6s y E8s para rellenos y delay, diez V-SUBs y para la monitorización en el escenario y los efectos especiales, Q7s y E6s. “No tenemos tiempo de hacer los cálculos ni montar la cantidad de rigging necesarios para dar lo mejor con un gran sistema de arreglo en línea. El sistema V7P cumple los requisitos de montaje e instalación rápidos, sin transigir en la calidad”.

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