The rotating and tilting structure LP75100TN-B supports teams between 60 and 100 inches, and up to 80 pounds of weight; While the ground FS1870M-B bracket allows monitors, horizontal and vertical, between 37 and 70 inches.

Tooq LP75100TN-FS1870M-B B y

The Spanish manufacturer TooQ has built-in to your catalog two new stands that dan response to the growing needs of them users of screens and televisions of great format. It is model LP75100TN-B and FS1870M-B.

Tooq LP75100TN-BHe first is a structure swivel and tilt for teams of 60 to 100 inch compatible with Vesa 600 × 900, 800 × 600, 800 × 400, 600 × 400, 400 × 400, 300 × 300, 400 × 200 and 200 × 200 and that supports devices of until 80 kilos, with an angle of tilt from-15 degrees until + 5 degrees and turn of 45 degrees.

For its part, the floor stand with wheels for horizontal and vertical screens FS1870M-B, supports 37-70 inch equipment and includes tray for DVD and camera. It is compatible with maximum Vesa of 600 × 400 mm and loads up to 50 kg. Its height is 2,069 mm, and heights for the screen adjustment range is from 1200 mm to 1,600 mm.

Este soporte de suelo permite una inclinación desde -12 grados hasta +5 grados e incluye un sistema de gestión de cables y cuatro ruedas.

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By • 29 Jul, 2016
• Section: Accessories, Display

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