To display the content that enhance the brand image of this original column Dynascan Led installed BrightSign multimedia player.

BrightSign Westfield Shopping Centre

Westfield shopping centre is located in White City (London) and is considered to be one of the largest in Europe with its 250 stores and 70 restaurants as well as a cinema with 17 rooms, a bowling alley and a casino.

To promote its digital signage channel and enhance your brand image, he decided to install a curved screen with the peculiarity that had that Assembly should be conducted around a column.

BrightSign Westfield Shopping CentreProject Audio Visual It was the company responsible for the design and Assembly of this unusual circular screen, project carried out in collaboration with DynaScan. With this column Led, is intended that those users had a great visibility, from different angles, of them content displayed.

According to Steve Hudson, director of Audio Visual Project sales, "curved screens give the appearance of show a larger surface area, allowing you to capture the attention of potential customers, even in a very large space such as a shopping center. Through graphics, images and videos, this curve video column is provided an effective platform to publicize the brand".

To view the content of this screen curve Led, has urged a media player BrightSign. This allows the content to be managed remotely and allows that the "show HD quality video. It is a platform of solid state that allows listening to presentations and direct television".

It is a non standard format, the biggest challenge was that the display will adapt to the environment in which would be mounted but the contents will be adjusted correctly to your size and this was also possible with the media player BrightSign, since its resolution is fully configurable.

"Although the screen has a 820 × 580 format, we have been able to set the resolution with the player so that the content is wrapped around the column correctly," comenata Steve Hudson.

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By • 29 Jul, 2016
• Section: Cases of study, Control, Digital signage, Display, Distribution signals

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