These screens have a resolution of 2.560 × 1.440, a 1500:1 contrast ratio and an IPS panel with a wide gamut which ensures the coverage of 99% Adobe RGB, so the colors are reproduced in a natural way.

Eizo It has unveiled the latest release in its ColorEdge line that includes monitors 27 inch, CG2730 and CS2730. Suitable equipment for creative work.

The screen of 27 inches of these monitors presents a resolution native of 2.560 × 1.440, which provides to them creative a broad space for work with images, pallets of tools and other windows.

The ColorEdge CG2730 and CS2730 typically show a flat design that uses electrostatic switches on the front bezel, instead of the traditional keypad, for transparent access to the settings of the monitor, a fund 30% thinner than previous models and weighing in at 8.9 pounds. Switches are illuminated by an Led for viewing in low-light environments.

The CG2730 is a model of appropriate professional level to be used in photography, design, printing and post-production. Sensor autocalibration which incorporates allows unassisted maintenance and ensures the optimum colour reproduction and consistency of the image during the workflow. This model includes many of the features advanced ColorEdge line while you also get to meet many of the needs and capabilities of budget users who want to create, edit, and enjoy photography and illustration.

Both models are characterized by having an IPS panel with a wide gamut which ensures the coverage of 99% Adobe RGB, so the vibrant blues and Greens are reproduced faithfully. ColorEdge CG2730 panel also covers 98% of the DCI-P3 color used in post production space and is characterised by a high contrast ratio of 1500:1 for the reproduction of natural black. It is also equipped with a film of delay that allows dark tones to retain its depth, even when viewed from an angle.

Both monitors are equipped with technology Eizo's Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) which ensures a difference Delta-E of 3 or less throughout the screen, feature that provides a stable display of the image in color-critical work.

Eizo includes its proprietary software ColorNavigator 6 with both monitors for users who require a wide variety of calibration capabilities. Selects values predefined goal for photography, printing, web design or set the brightness, gamma and white point values and generate an own ICC profile.


  • Soft gradations with screen of 10-bit of a 16-bit LUT.
  • Inputs Display Port, HDMI and DVI.
  • 3 ports USB 3.0.
  • Its ergonomic stand enables height adjustment, tilt and swivel.

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By • 5 Oct, 2016
• Section: Display

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