Companies are optimistic about the potential of programmatic buying in DooH. See average growth potential and the market is expected to increase between 5 to 10% in 2017.

The market for digital signage in the Iberian Peninsula remains in positive territory during the last quarter 2016. According to the latest survey by the Business Climate Index of digital signage in Spain and Portugal (DBCI) Has registered a nominal decrease of 2.91 basis points, from 55.49 to 52.58 points.

The current business situation shows a consistent sense of satisfaction, with negative scores almost nonexistent. The nearest future forecast has been an increase in the more conservative view of the business situation. In addition, currently almost 80% of the companies surveyed expect a more favorable business situation in the next six months for their products and services.

About 75% of digital signage projects were made in 2015 in small and medium facilities up to 50 screens. Small projects have a higher margin and can be carried out successfully with most players.

Digital signage networks with over 100 players account for less than 10% of the total. Large projects generate high profits, but discounts increase with the volume which adjusts the margin. In addition, only some market participants can carry out projects with more than 100 displays sustainably.

programmatic buying in DooH

Market players see an average growth potential in programmatic buying in digital out-of-home (DooH). They expect the market to reach between 5 to 10% in 2017. The forecast for 2020 is less clear because participants have not yet decided their evaluation.

In general, the companies surveyed are optimistic about the potential of programmatic buying in DooH. However, while the concept of business has a definite potential, there are still many technical issues to be solved.

The dBcL or Index OVAB Europe Business Climate digital signage and DooH is an indicator of economic development of the digital sector signage and digital ouf-of-home based on the responses of senior management of relevant companies industry.

The consultant Invidis Consulting collects information and manages the study in collaboration with the association of digital signage and DOOH, OVAB Europe and other national agencies.

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By • 2 Nov, 2016
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