The capabilities of movements pan and tilt make it an ideal solution for creating stunning effects and increase energy in dance floors, cruise ships and other places of night entertainment. Its compact size also it makes suitable for companies of rent.

The Rush Scanner 1 Led's Martin Professional It is a team of high-powered offering multiple colors, gobos and effects of Prism, and lighting designers helps provide Visual mid-air high speed, increasing the element of surprise and raising the power of the public.

This equipment, which is available in Spain and Portugal from the hand of EarProjoins the series of lighting Rush and adjusts to a variety of clubs and entertainment rooms.

"We pre-estrenamos our new Rush Scanner 1 Led in a music festival this summer, in Denmark, and the views we got were amazing. "The shocking effects mid-air and fast movements allowed the lighting designer to inject a special public energy and create a really exciting experience", says Mark Buss, panager Installed Lighting product of Harman Professional Solutions.

Rush Scanner 1 Led delivers high power and has a very well defined optical through two independent color wheels, one rotating gobos, one of static gobos and a three-facet prism.

Capabilities pan and tilt movements high speed make it an ideal solution for creating impressive lighting effects and to increase energy dance floors, cruises and other nightlife venues. The compact size makes it also suitable for use by rental companies looking to produce memorable events through dynamic effects and powerful lighting.

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By • 3 Nov, 2016
• Section: Lighting

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