Is considered the Centre commercial with the installation of audio more complex of Spain and in its development have collaborated Fluge and Neotecnica. Eight playlists provide different versions of a same song that varies according to the situation of the visitor in the complex, the hour of the day or season of the year. The entire system is controlled by Mediamatrix NionN6 processors, that send audio in a Cobranet network of optical fiber to 9 racks located in different locations.

Fan Mallorca Shopping is a Centre commercial located in Palma de Mallorca, that has with 120 establishments and 2,500 squares of parking. Some facilities where the technology is converts in an element key to get that the visitor is feel protagonist to the can interact with its environment.

Opened the last month of September, this space is fruit of them more than 40 years of experience of the subsidiary real estate of the Group Carrefour with an ambitious project of audiobranding that incorporates the music to the experience of visit of Fan.

Carrefour Property wanted to undertake a project different, a downtown commercial oriented to the music. The project of audiobranding, developed by Muwom, next to the producer Carlos Jean, includes up to eight zones acoustically distinct.

Melody Fan fits into the daily rhythm of the Centre, with changes that will influence elements such as weather, schedule or the number of people visiting it each time. This capacity of adaptation is made possible by a software of last generation. For this reason, Muwom has created eight playlists that offer the visitor different versions of the same song that varies according to its location in the shopping complex and, even, depending on the time of day or season of the year.

Of this form, the customer is converts in protagonist of an experience that is something new in a space commercial, where the music you accompanies in each tour for meet the preferences of them more small in them spaces children's or the rest in the area of restoration.

"We are the first to incorporate music as a truly experiential element. We want the client to become the biggest fan of this mall, you feel part of your life and discover new sensations in each visit. Allow you to, ultimately, interact, face-to-face or digitally, to make Fan every time something else yours. "The music, with its power to generate emotions, is the vehicle perfect for get it", says Dolores Banon, Director of development and promotion real estate of Carrefour Property.

Among the functions that are included in this audiobranding project is the possibility to follow the playlists created by Muwom and Carlos Jean, which will be updated every month thanks to the proposals of the users in the collaborative playlists on Spotify. You can also listen to these songs in streaming and participate in the choice of the kind of music Fan ambientará through an app available in four languages (Spanish, catalan, German and English), that will allow them to vote for their favorite successes and share them on Facebook and Twitter.

The app also features an innovative option of suggestions, called 'Yours', with which the customer may recommend favorite songs so that they are included in the playlists.

Implementation technology

Flüge audiovisual projects, in collaboration with NeotecnicaHe was responsible for supply systems for sound reinforcement. All the system of the Center are controlled by processors Mediamatrix NionN6 of Audinat, that send audio by a network Cobranet of fiber optics to 9 racks located in different positions in the Centre.

Nion processors manage more than 50 different shipments for all sub-areas, created to control and distribute the audio of philosophic way. The racks of amplification are formed by a total of 15 amplifiers Crest Audio series Ci of 4 and 8 channels, which are can monitor and control remotely from any location, thanks to the network Cobranet. This is a solution that goes more beyond of the traditional system of PA because is shows as a team of reinforcement sound more own of clubs that of a Centre commercial.

To accomplish this task an advanced weather station that sends information on the weather, which is interpreted by NionN6 processors generating orders to audio players installed Ecler Duo-Net by GPIO, which make automatic playlist change.

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By • 4 Nov, 2016
• Section: Audio, Cases of study, Control, Streaming Media

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