The technology of this manufacturer beat other laser systems of 6,000 lumens of other major suppliers in the market, according to the estimate of professionals from different sectors, who conducted their valuation without knowing what the projector which reproduced the image at any time.

The competition of projectors laser organized recently by Pure AV in Manchester's Victoria Warehouse featured in its jury with professionals in the education environment, health and business, who evaluated, without knowing what was the team which reproduced the image in every moment, the laser systems of 6,000 lumens from companies such as Canon, Christie, Digital Projection, Epson, NEC, Panasonic, Peerless, Samsung and Sony.

For this test, the jury assessed uniformity, brightness, contrast, colour reproduction and the grayscale of each team, in which the 1 chip PT-RZ660 DLP projector of Panasonic it attained the top spot, with a score of over 50 41.2.

To make the competition more objective, manufacturers used standard objectives and content came from a single laptop, which was distributed through an HDMI connection with identical length cables. Pure AV staff stayed all projectors in a closet to make sure that the verdict was based only on the image quality.

As noted Gareth Day, director of Panasonic Visual systems group, "the company has achieved a leading position in the field of laser projection with the wider range of products on the market. We were one of the pioneers of laser projection technology, and as a result, we enjoy a great credibility in terms of performance and reliability. The results of this competition confirm this position".

Designed for heavy use and ensure a lasting shine long term education applications, museums, exhibitions and digital signage, the projector PT-RZ660 offers high resolution and a brightness of up to 6,000 lumens. Dual laser modules equipped with a dust-resistant optical laser engine block and a long term, this system provides maintenance free performance for up to 20,000 hours.

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By • 7 Nov, 2016
• Section: Events, Business, Projection

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