In celebration of his twenty years in the international market and audiovisual musical setting, Marcos Servera, Spain Xenox sales director, valued for Digital AV Magazine the solid track record of the subsidiary as a decade providing AV solutions and sensory marketing as well as its growth strategy and future meet.

After ten years in the Spanish market, What is the current positioning of Xenox in Spain and what line growth to continue in the short term?

Después de más de veinticinco años trabajando internacionalmente y diez con oficina en España, a día de hoy nos consideramos una de las empresas mejor posicionadas en el sector de la ambientación audiovisual; sin dejar de lado los servicios de marketing sensorial, consultoría y proyectos e instalaciones de sistemas AV que ofrecemos.

In the last two years we have signed with highly recognized nationally and internationally brands like Inditex, Grupo Day, Grupo Eroski, Meliá Hotels Int; Sanitas, McDonald's, eatout Group, Pronovias, C & A, among others. Our growth forecast will continue long line of recent years: to strengthen the relationship with our customers, improve services, invest in R + D + i, expand market and international expansion.

Retail and hospitality are the sectors that demand integrated marketing solutions and AV sensory experience and to improve customer service. How would you define the acceptance of this proposal, and specifically Xenox in the Spanish market?

Mejorar la experiencia de compra y de servicio a través de nuestros productos y sentidos es el objetivo que tenemos todos a día de hoy. Los clientes cada día son más exigentes y valoran cada detalle, servicio y producto que les ayude a mejorar su experiencia. Desde Xenox ofrecemos soluciones de todo tipo, ya sea un servicio de ambientación musical personalizado con comunicación a través de cuñas comerciales o informativas; sistemas de ambientación olfativos y hasta el más completo e interactivo de comunicación y ambientación audiovisual.

Today our customers see that digital communication, audiovisual atmosphere and sensory marketing help increase sales, strengthen their brand and their customers want to repeat the experience in their business. I would say that acceptance is very positive.

Which sectors should also take advantage of the potential provided by these technologies and what is their proposal to expand and diversify the market?

Music, scents and well-crafted images are the perfect tool to communicate with your customers. Getting a customer enters an establishment, it is the sector, and with closed eyes get guess where is the number one goal of Xenox. A smell, a unique sound, colors, videos and sensations, the shopping experience is increased to very high levels that the customer will rarely forget and will want to repeat.

Digital marketing solutions have gained an important role in vertical markets such as these, what is the differential relative to other business proposals?

Xenox brings experience and unique technology, since all our teams have developed a hundred percent by our own R + D + i and are manufactured entirely in the Netherlands. This allows us to not depend on anyone when evolve and have a familiar relationship with our customers, meeting their needs firsthand.

We booked a very important part of our profit to study and technological developments. We are aware that manufacturing in other countries, such as China, would greatly reduce our expenses, but the security that we be present in each process guarantees that service to our customers will always be the best.

And contemplate not reaching partnerships or mergers with AV companies, mainly screens and displays for digital signage and digital signage, as they have recently made other companies?

Xenox philosophy is to create and develop our software and hardware and our equipment and services are compatible. We have done at some point some cooperation, but depend on seconds, in many cases, will not let you move at the pace that you like and have preferred to be ourselves who we mark the times and our priorities according to the needs of our customers.

What advantages does your AV system management and how companies and customers have realized projects in this regard?

All our teams have in common the ability to be managed from a single platform, XMS, which can work both music and video in a very coordinated manner. One of the advantages of manufacturing directly is that we are very competitive in price, and this has helped us to work with many clients.

One of its hallmarks is innovation, what is the next breakthrough that will present in sensory marketing and background music?

Estamos a punto de sacar al mercado Selector y, siguiendo la línea de mejorar la experiencia de compra, hemos creado una aplicación, solo compatible con nuestros equipos, para que el usuario pueda interactuar con la música cuando se encuentre en algunos de los locales de nuestros clientes. La aplicación dará acceso a la playlist del local donde se encuentre (un bar, gimnasio, hotel, tienda…) y le permitirá votar las canciones que le gusten, dándoles prioridad a la hora de que suenen.

We give users of this app the option to be part of that experience and, at the same time, we got all kinds of statistics and tracks the type of music you like our customers. Being able to register through any social network, the information that comes from the user who goes to the business of our customers is very valuable (age, sex, schedule, tastes, etc). We are working to incorporate in 2017 beacons services, analytics and facial recognition.

And in terms of economic forecasts and expansion?

Working with international brands such as I quoted above requires us to service worldwide. Xenox has its own officiate in Spain, Holland, Italy, Austria, Germany and planned in Russia, and the rest work with several international partners that allow us, for example, change a team that can be broken down in 48 hours in any point of the world.

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