Symposium 2016 has made it clear to the evolution of the reinvention of the wholesaler of the year towards the diversify business not only to maintain their position, but winning one point in market share, without relent in its objective of providing value to the channel and differentiate themselves with a profitable proposal and for the future.

With the support of 103 brands (three more than last year) and a similar assistance (2,500 professionals), Ingram Micro It has completed 2016 Symposium, your big event with the channel which already has fifteen editions, with a diversified business proposal, fruit of the investments made during the last years and which have resulted in an increase of more than 7% business, doubling the growth of the wholesale market of 3.7% (data from) Context for the period January to September).

If in the event of last year the message was the reinvention of the wholesaler, in the recent conclusion of the 2016, also in the dome of the Arenas de Barcelona Edition, the key has been the diversification of business, albeit with the same goal of its origins: "bring value and profitability to the distribution channel", as stressed again to the specialized media Jaime Soler , general director of the Spanish subsidiary of Ingram Micro.

"The result obtained with the base of the future we are building global - explained - diversify channels and technologies, with a strategy based on acquiring knowledge and capacity through purchases of companies paid off. We are very pleased and hope to thus be maintained during the next financial year."

This line is part of the brand acquisition (at the beginning of this month of November) of the company based in Madrid One 2 One Logistics in its Mobility & Lifecycle Services division, "which allows us to enter the market of operators in the hand of Vodafone Spain and provide a logistics platform directly to the distribution network of the operator ", that already performs 10,000 daily expeditions and also having a warehouse in the Canary Islands", says Soler.

New business initiatives

With an increasingly consolidated market, Ingram Micro stake growth in market share, which in the Q3 has been a plus point, "and us has been very well the acquisitions carried out by other companies in the market to achieve this", explains Jordi Muñoz, director of the division of value and one of the most diversified and profitable wholesaler.

In concrete, the areas of 'specialities' of this division, as AV Pro (with a recent agreement with Samsung) and DC/POS have achieved growths above two digits, while Physical Security, which started from scratch a year ago as it recalls Muñoz, "we have increases of the order of 200%, and have closed agreements with ZKTeco access control manufacturer and Plantronics ", as it has also happened in the area of unified communications".

In the physical security environment strategy is to incorporate new brands over the next year and alarm management systems software "opening up to new channels, such as retail and domestic environment".

Other innovations in this business division focused on the environment of the Internet of things (Internet of Things - IoT) and Smart Tech, "where we are presenting proposals for lighting and energy efficiency with international manufacturers, with the aim of presenting a catalog of solutions in 2017", the head of the unit's value is.

The wholesaler has also set up training Ingram Microtraining initiative, with more than 120 courses of a score of manufacturers for the channel, as well as professional services.

In its commitment to the creation of a Marketplace and Cloud, Muñoz says that "we are riding Ingram Micro's future in the Cloud, with a powerful structure global references as Microsoft Acronix, Dropbox Business, etc, and which already make more than five hundred distributors".

On the other hand, the wholesaler is in the process of transaction to join the Chinese company Tianjin Tianhai, belonging to HNA Group, After announcing its acquisition in early 2016. "It is a very complex process for the number of countries where we are present, in which almost have to go one on one -puntualiza Soler-, and American standards, but not nothing changed. It is a group that has no distribution technology area, but enormous financial network that will allow us to further develop our strategy. "

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By • 7 Nov, 2016
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