This team also has technology UltraColor, combined with a 31.5-inch screen and a resolution of 3.840 × 2.160 pixels, becomes a visual ideal for CAD, graphics applications 3D and financial calculations.

The monitor 328P6VJEB of MMD Philips It combines resolution UltraClear 4 K with extra wide range of color UltraColor technology and advanced technology of vertical alignment (VA) to create intense contrasts.

The expansive 31.5-inch screen provides users a wide space of vision, as well as enjoy a detailed reproduction UHD. With versatile connectivity and support MHL, it is also designed to be extremely easy to connect and enjoy.

"This new Philips monitor has been developed with the help of professional users as graphic designers, CAD engineers and experts in finance. For these people are very important displays accurate reproductions, since it depends on the productivity and effectiveness of their work. The combination of colours and technologies to achieve better resolution make this monitor an ideal choice for professional users who seek these features at a reasonable price", says Artem Khomenko, product manager of Philips Monitors Europe in MMD.

UltraColor technology makes the most bright and accurate color reproduction. With support for a wider range (95% of the range of NTSC, in contrast to the typical 72%) UltraColor expanding the range of colors that are perceived by the users, to get very real images. The extensive range of colours offering UltraColor produces green natural, red more intense and blue deep, which users can see on the screen.

Unlike the improvements that work by tweaking software settings in order to adjust the color balance, UltraColor working on real chemistry in the panel. Ensures that the display color is much closer to the color of objects in real life, factor that benefits both professional applications such as multimedia entertainment.

This technology is combined with a 31.5-inch screen with clarity and detail that provides the UltraClear 4K resolution. 3.840 × 2.160 pixels, provides details more than sufficient for demanding CAD, 3D graphics applications or to focus attention on individual cells in complex financial spreadsheets.

In addition to the performance of the color and resolution, also incorporates the advanced technology of multi-domain vertical alignment GOES, which offers extremely high static contrast ratios to achieve additional bright and vivid images. Particularly suitable for demanding graphical applications and photos.

Visualization professional

To connect efficiently with the large number of data sources that graphic designers and other design professionals usually need in their work, the screen has SmartConnect to 4K: latest and advanced multiple connections that allow you to play videos and high definition audio uncompressed resolution.

The screen is also compatible with the latest version of USB 3.0 with data transfer speeds of 5 Gbytes per second. Other connectivity options include manual handling of loads, allowing users to play content from mobile phones in much larger screens.

The monitor is designed to provide visual comfort, which is provided with the Philips Flicker-Free technology to minimize screen flicker, functionality that prevents eyestrain after long working hours. SmartErgoBase base can be tilted, rotated and adjusted to the exact height, providing maximum viewing comfort and keeping cables tidy.

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By • 7 Nov, 2016
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