These wash/beam luminaires have been used for projecting graphic material, logos and commercial slogans on one side of the great tower Santiago, located in the seaside Center of Santiago of Chile, to present the new model of a car firm.

300 meters of height, the great tower Santiago, designed by the architect Cesar Pelli in seaside Center of the capital of Chile, is the tallest building in Latin America and one of the most representative of the city for spectacular lighting events.

To this end, the firm of Chevrolet cars presented its new Cruze model with the help of the Chilean company's rental Icardi productions as a creative company.

Previously, this specialist had acquired twelve luminaries BMFL sphere with BATTERY of Robe Lighting to the Distributor VGLof which four were used for this event, located 220 metres of height on some platforms built to the West of the tower so they would have a path open to white, with a shot of 220 metres into the building, which came to life with the lighting of images that could be seen from all parts of the city.

For the CEO of Icarde Productions and creative director of corporate events, Esteban Icarde, "the BMFL luminaire is the best robotics projection in the world today, with great power and clarity" to the extent that the company has acquired other twelve units and was the first in Latin America to buy twenty Spiider Led, the new lights wash / beam that Robe has just introduced on the market.

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By • 8 Nov, 2016
• Section: Cases of study, Lighting

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