To improve the operation of the control room located Wittenberg has replaced its display system for projection cubes Led LSXT + -1000 and Automatic Colour Tracking (ACT). The infrastructure is supported by a graphics controller NPX4900 Plus and management software eyecon V5 Basic.

The German company SKW Stickstoffwerke Piesteritz It was founded in 1993 and today is one of the most important manufacturers in Europe nitrogenous fertilizer products in the field of agricultural chemistry. In the field of industrial chemicals, it is the largest firm in Germany in the production of urea and ammonia.

To optimize the control room located Wittenberg this chemical company has opted for the technology of eyevis, para mejorar su funcionamiento y ahorrar costes. Y, para ello, ha reemplazado su sistema de visualización por cubos de proyección Led LSXT+-1000 y Automatic Colour Tracking (ACT). La infraestructura está ahora apoyada por un controlador gráfico NPX4900 PLUS y el software de control de videowall eyeCON V5 Basic con el que se muestran diagramas de control de procesos.

Rear projection cubes Led-lit DLP eyevis EC-LSXT + -1000 series are specially designed for applications requiring reliable operation 24 × 7. Cluster-use LED technology for lighting, provide native SXGA + (1,400 × 1,050 pixels) format 4: 3 and are available in display formats 50, 70, 80 and 100 inches.

For its part, the graphics controller network netPIX 4900-Plus is designed to manage videowall, individual screens and projectors. Through their ability MultiScreen enables any viewing surface. The controller creates a desktop connected to network applications and video sources and graphics.

Eyecon is a universal software solution for controlling videowall systems that includes all connected sources, information sharing and collaboration between different control rooms or presentation areas. The system is based on a concept of easy handling reduces response times and makes the operation of large display systems more effective and efficient.

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By • 8 Nov, 2016
• Section: Cases of study, Control, Display

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