The manufacturer announces that in the first quarter of the year that comes will offer systems of reality virtual (HMDs) on Windows 10 Creators Update.

With the objective of expanding its proposal actually virtual for type of users, Acer It announced its proposal for the Holographic Windows platform, which includes StarVR, the professional system based on physical locations entertainment developed in collaboration with Starbreeze; HMDs with cinematic quality, as well as handsets affordable for Microsoft Windows Holographic Platform and VR-Ready PCs.

Some of these systems, such as headsets, are available on the market in the first quarter of 2017. The new HMDs, designed to provide progressive experiences and new ways of interacting computer, work with laptops.

Light HMDs incorporate a camera to mixed reality applications and support resolutions up to 1,440 × 1.440p for each eye, with integrated sensors for geolocation with up to six degrees of degree of freedom (DoF) for simple configurations and allow users to move freely while they are using the device.

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By • 9 Nov, 2016
• Section: Business, Augmented reality

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